Generic recommendation form?

<p>I am aware that we have to use the common application system to apply to Carnegie, but is there a generic recommendation form for the application? and if there isn't, are u allowed to send recommendation letters?</p>

<p>I'm not positive on this. I haven't filled out an application yet, but a friend of mine is working on one. I'm pretty sure they send you forms. I'm not sure how many they require, but I don't think it's more than three. The forms should come with the application.</p>

<p>the reccommendations for carnegie mellon are listed on the common app site, under college says they only want ONE teacher evaluation...thats what i was looking at last night..and the form to print out is on the common app site under other forms or something..</p>

<p>Thanks Peerless :)</p>

<p>Well the supplement form requires one to fill in his activities, etc. I still can't find the generic form for teacher rec.</p>

<p>okay, i found it, but where's the instructions for the teacher rec form?</p>