Genetics - AGR3303 or PCB3063

<p>Which genetics class is easier, AGR3303 with Prof. Kenworthy or PCB3063 with Prof. Wayne or Prof. Barbazuk? How difficult are these classes compared to other science classes such as biology, organic chemistry, physiology, and physics? Any other information about these genetics classes would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>Kenworthy: Kevin</a> Kenworthy - University of Florida -
The general consensus is that this guy's really easy. However, this course is geared more towards agriculture-related majors rather than biology/medicine. The class you take really depends on your interests, I suppose. </p>

<p>Wayne: Marta</a> Wayne - University of Florida -
My friend had her, and said she was really great. </p>

<p>Barbazuk: William</a> Bradley Barbazuk - University of Florida -
Don't know anyone that took him for the genetics class itself, but I had him for the genetics unit of Bio 2. He wasn't easy, but he was a really cool, interesting lecturer and a great guy to talk to in office hours. I'd be taking his course if I didn't have a conflicting section.</p>

<p>Thanks for your response. :)</p>

<p>For these classes, is there only 1 professor who teaches them or are there multiple professors? For example, does 1 professor teach the first half of the class and another professor teach the other half?</p>