geographic diversity in college admissions

<p>i'm interested in applying to pepperdine this coming year. given that my academic and ec credentials are sufficient for admission, do you think my chances are greater at getting in if i'm from a low income area of kentucky?</p>

<p>Probably. I think this thread might be better placed in "What are my chances," though.</p>

<p>thanks, and yeah you're right</p>

<p>depends how you look at it.</p>

<li>The colleges are trying to increase geographic representation, so they will try to make sure at least 1 kid from Kentucky goes there so that they have one more state represented. This does increase your chances.</li>
<li>But colleges will also think that you might not go to college all the way in California if you're from Kentucky (or at least they will think it's a lot less likely that you will go as opposed to someone from Arizona, Nevada, or California). The whole point of this is for the university to keep it's yield percentage high. So in this case, it decreases your chances.</li>

<p>I do want to emphasize that those 2 things only make small differences, and it is ultimately up to you (and what you do on your application) to be a strong enough applicant to get in.</p>

<p>^^^ yeah i completely agree with theespys69.</p>

<p>thank youuu! that makes sense. as far as #1 is concerned..I don't think anyone else from Kentucky is applying at pepperdine hahha. only like 2 or 3 graduates from my hs this year are even going out of state out of about 250..and they're just going to indiana or ohio or somewhere close. but #2 is something that i had not thought of, thanks</p>