Geographic Location & Brown Admissions

<p>Which regions of the US do you think that it would be a geographic advantage when applying to Brown?</p>

<p>As I understand it, some places, such as NY, CA, and MA are actually at a disadvantage when it comes to admissions since such a tremendous portion of the undergrad applications comes from those states.</p>

<p>I hope</p>

<p>hey, a fellow texan! wut school do u g2? i go to Cypress Falls HS in houston</p>

<p>I go to Cinco Ranch right outside of Houston. I had my interview today and my interviewer said that they get only about 150 applicants TOTAL from the Houston metropolitan area and surrounding cities (and he didn't mean the suburbs but like actual cities). That was really suprising! He said if it's a good year, about 15 get in lol.</p>

<p>well, that also from Houston. Damn it, Brown....why do you tease me so?</p>

<p>oh wow, i hope ur interview went well orestes. did he say how many of those ~15 ppl get in ED? lol didja apply ED orestes? i'm applying RD =(</p>

<p>i might post my stats up here anyone (especially houstonians) if u wanna list ur stats up here, please do so</p>

<p>and best of luck to everyone applying to brown =D</p>

<p>My interview was okay, except for the fact that he didn't ask me any questions about myself. The whole thing consisted of me asking him stuff about Brown, which I thought was kinda weird cause he didn't really give me a chance to talk about myself. He didn't say how many got in ED though. I applied ED, btw.</p>

<p>hopefully VT</p>

<p>Hopefully Minnesota. Northern Minneosta. Well, we'll see if I decide to apply.</p>

<p> daughter goes to Brown and she is from VT!</p>

<p>ugh im from new york city.. we all know that sucks</p>

<p>lol iono much abt VT, but if ur from minnesota, u should be doin fine</p>

<p>oh, and i sent u a private message, orestes</p>

<p>Yeah, I figure I'm fairly safe geography-wise at most schools like this being from Minnesota. At least I've felt that way since I had a couple friends get into Harvard last year, and they ended up making 1/7 of all the kids going there from Minnesota. All 3 from the same school.</p>

<p>My alumni interviewer said "If you want to know one thing that will increase your chances significantly, move to Missouri."</p>

<p>Considering I live in MA, about 40 minutes from Brown, I see that my location is a disadvantage since there are so many people from around here applying.</p>

<p>In Missouri, there aren't so many people who really want to go to school in the eeensy wheensy itty bitty little state of Rhode Island.</p>

<p>what about the preferences between urban, suburban, and rural? who would have the edge? what about inner-city public schools vs. other public vs. private?</p>

<p>My D attends school in the same district as Samian. Taking her last SAT 2 tomorrow, so she couldn't apply EA/ED anywhere. She put the finishing touches on her RD app part 2 today, but has already had her interview. The interview went well, not quite two hours, very comfortable. D said her interviewer was awesome, but she was told the same thing ... not many applications from the Houston area. But, the way I look at it, 15 out of 150 is pretty close to the normal acceptance rate for an Ivy.</p>

<p>Some stats:<br>
URM/Hispanic/National Hispanic Scholar,
2230 SAT
Rank could be better, but as Samian knows, ranking system stinks in our district, especially for AP kids and kids required to take unweighted on-levels for band, orchestra, cheer, etc..
ECs/achievement pretty strong including a couple of national level awards and state level awards plus recognition from TEA, TX State Board of Educ.</p>

<p>Brown has an exceptional biology/cognitive sciences program and she is hoping for the best. I think they need a bunch of Texans don't you?</p>

<p>Yes, they do need Texans! Best luck to your daughter with her Brown application. Is she applying anywhere else?</p>

<p>I absolutely agree with Idmom06. The entire ranking system is AWFUL! My English teacher said that some teachers were lobbying the school board to not give regular honors (K-level) and AP classes the same credit, since obviously AP is harder. Doubt it'll happen though. What HS does your daughter g2 btw?</p>

<p>lol, so many texans! For you Cinco people (person), I'm right by ya at Taylor. hehe.</p>

<p>will living in rural north carolina help any?</p>