Geographical Distribution?

<p>So is there a page that shows last years MIT admits by state?</p>

<p>Not specifically, but here is a chart from the Registrar's office showing [home states for all undergraduate students<a href="and%20countries%20of%20origin%20for%20international%20students">/url</a> for the 2005-2006 school year. (I supposed if you wanted to be compulsive about it, you could look at the 05-06 data and subtract the 04-05 data and get the Class of '09 + Transfers numbers, but I'm not offering to do that for you. :) ) You can see that the ten states with the most undergrads are, in descending order, CA, NY, MA, TX, NJ, FL, PA, MD, IL, and VA.</p>

<p>MIT does not admit based on geograpical location: the []Common Data Set]( says that one's state of residency is "Not Considered" for first-time first-year admissions, meaning that the state where you live will not matter one way or the other in your admissions decision.</p>

<p>Thanks! Pretty interesting stuff. Yeah, I know that MIT doesn't consider geographic location. Just wanted to know how many kids from my state go.</p>