Geography and hardcore vendettas

<p>oook so we all know that theres def a geography preference to the decisions.
for example, if youre from philly or from an inuit village in alaska, chances are youll have an easier time getting into penn… i know princeton legally has to take a certain # of students from princeton hs cause its in the town charter or something… </p>

<p>penn also def looks at the ppl they accepted last year from your school… like how many actually came? or ::gasp:: if they EDed and then BACKED OUT!
that’ll blacklist your school for classes to come… 0:</p>

<p>haha anyways, just curious if you guys know anything about how penn looks upon students from areas like nj/ny. thanks!</p>

<p>i'd say NJ and NY are probably the hardest applicant pools. theres tons of great schools in both states and since theyre so close to Penn they probably get tons of applications. I mean, NY has the 2nd highest representation at penn after PA, and NJ is in the top 5. and NJ is a lot smaller than both PA/ NY/ Cali.</p>

<p>so if your from nj ny you probably need above average stats.</p>


<p>haha makes sense, thanks</p>

<p>hmm with the kind of ppl willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for "guarantee into ivy programs" i wouldnt be surprised to hear of people moving for better location bias too lol</p>

<p>hahha. spend like 2 months in a hotel in north dakota and say you live there.</p>

<p>i bet people from the dakotas get in so easily. like a 1250 would probably get in....</p>

<p>lucky bastards.</p>

<p>yea but it probably evens out in the long run cause.. hey.. they had to live in the dakotas</p>

<p>that article about the Penn admissions process from Christian Science Monitor pointed out that they took a subpar kid from Kansas b/c they wanted to encourage kids from that area to apply. they just like wider applicant pools so they can pick the best of the best.</p>

<p>that said, NJ and NY are prob. the hardest pools. NJ especially. being from NJ is like the kiss of death. which sucks...b/c i love my state lol. and i wouldn't ahve wanted to grow up anywhere else. too bad it all comes back to haunt me now...</p>

<p>you have a point there. going to high school with like 9 kids like in the dakotas probably sucks a lot. especially if you hate them all lol.</p>

<p>lol you could always trek the additional 60 miles to the next school and try your luck with those 5 kids</p>

<p>omg yes.</p>

<p>i guess i luck out on the school thing though...the only guy from my school who's currently attending Penn is apparently a huge success and best friends with our rep. Go Matt Meltzer, you rock!</p>

<p>our school has a weird Princeton thing, too. one kid got in a long time ago, got there, did no work, flunked one got in until my freshman year, the genius valedictorian who played Hamlet.</p>

<p>my school hasnt sent someone to columbia in 6 years. eep. and that kid was a recruit.</p>

<p>yeahh harvards the only ivy that likes our hs. which is... reaaaally helpful for my penn app.</p>

<p>boo hoo lol.</p>

<p>we sent like 3 to cornell last year...out of a class of like 130. and we're not a feeder school.</p>

<p>my fave vendetta was the one about i think dartmouth...they asked for a peer evaluation, and it read, like, "this kid is the biggest cheater this side of J. Lo's ass, he started a cheating ring at our school, and is so arrogant that he doesn't know who his real friends are, as is evident by this 'peer' evaluation." the adcom was so freaked that they called the school...which ADMITTED to knowing about the cheating...and the adcom has never ever forgotten the school, which sucks for everyone there a LOT.</p>

<p>wow... that sucks a lot. what a dickhead ruining it for everyone...</p>

<p>penn really likes my school. because my catholic school's honors program always trys to copy off prep schools in the area so its very similar and also makes us the best catholic high school around.</p>

<p>haha that reminds me of that story of the kid who responded to princetons "whats the biggest risk youve ever taken?" by just writing ***** YOU in large letters on the page. and he got in cause it was just a big risk! mind you, its probably one of those admissions urban legends passed down from generation to generation in cult-ish awesomery</p>

<p>noice. we typically send a fair few to cornell and g-town...and the rest of the top 10% are scattered among the Ivys and SSS's (Stellar Southern Schools as we like to call them) like Duke, UVA, Emory, Chapel Hill. and always like 6 to Rutgers lol. no one really ends up in Cali, one really strays from the East Coast, come to think of it. besides Chicago</p>

<p>yeah i know those myths icystarlight. or the kid that wrote "this is" as the biggest risk he ever took</p>

<p>no way, icy! you are kidding! that is HILARIOUS.</p>

<p>all the essay books are like "don't try to sum your essay up with one word or one sentence. you aren't the first, and won't be the last, and it has never worked."</p>

<p>but seriously that is so badass! can't wait to tell all my friends tomorrow.</p>

<p>wow i really AM a dork.</p>

<p>dont worry renee....</p>

<p>were all dorks!</p>

<p>RUTGERS! haha thats practically our 2nd hs.. just cant get enough of that new brunswick love lol</p>