Geology major wanting a job in my minor field GIS

I am going to graduate in December with a B.S. in Geology and a minor and GIST (Geographic information systems and technology). After starting my GIS minor I found I was a lot more skilled and confident in GIS than I am in geology (too late to change majors). I decided I want to take a career path in GIS more than geology. I am going to take an extra GIS class next semester. I was wondering if I will have a decent chance to get a entry level gis job after I graduate.

@Mikayla206 I found a listing of jobs that are GIS focused. Hope this helps.

Do a search of GIS on this job board

Is this website one you have seen before?

Talk to your career services department about where GIS grads go. You’re probably qualified for GIS jobs that are geology based mapping (such as mapping flood hazards), so look for a second sub area where you might snag interviews. For example, there might be an elective in urban planning or political science that might be something to talk about when interviewing for government jobs. (Of course, more GIS classes are good, too!)

Good luck!

There is an open GIS internship listed for the Williams companies in Tulsa.
They are looking for geology majors. Not exactly what you asked, but if they are filling an internship with geology majors, it leads me to believe a GIS full time position would have similar requirements.