Geometry and PreCal dc same year?

This year as a sophomore I am taking algebra 2 first semester and college algebra second semester. I want to be able to take ap calculus my senior year so I want to take 2 math classes my junior year. I’m not quite sure yet if I can take precal the summer before my senior year at hcc. Is it okay to take both geometry and precal on my junior year?

I would start by speaking to your guidance counselor, your current math teacher, and/ or the math department chair to see if taking those classes concurrently is: 1) allowed in your HS and 2) recommended for you.

Why do you need college algebra 2nd semester? Does it go higher than algebra 2 that you are taking 1st semester? Is there a geometry class you could take then instead.

It would help other people help you better if you describe:
(a) what math courses you have already taken
(b) what math courses are available in your high school, and whether your high school has some sort of block schedule where a normally-year-long course is taken in a semester (but with fewer courses at a time)
© what math courses are available through the associated college

Generally people double up on Geometry and Alg 2.

Getting through Alg2 before Geometry is out of the typical order, but it is what it is, I suppose.

I don’t think there’s a big curriculum dependency of PreCalc on Geometry, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But I would agree with the recommendation of Geometry instead of College Algebra this year, if possible.

My high school is an early college school and I’m required to take college algebra. If I don’t take it this year I will take it next year for 1 semester