geometry problem

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<p>solve for angles x and y</p>


<p>is enough information given?</p>

<p>a sophomore sent me this problem b/c he needed help and now i feel dumb b/c after 20 minutes i can't figure it out :-P</p>

<p>Since the angle of the large triangle is 62, according to the "star wars" theorem, the angle of the small triangle is double that, or 124.</p>

<p>X+Y+124=180 or y=56-x</p>

<p>also, 2x+2y+62=180
112+62 does not equal 180
Therefore, unless further information involving angles is given, this problem lacks sufficient information to be completed.</p>

<p>I don't see why the angle of the small triangle has to be 124... what's the "star wars theorem"?</p>

<p>the picture isn't drawn to scale</p>


<p>also, I don't know if this is correct, but I solved the angle of the small triangle for being 121 (although I"m not sure how i did that, so it's not reliable).. if that were true, what would the answer be?</p>

<p>2y + 2x = 180 - 62
2y + 2x = 118
y + x = 59</p>

<p>That's the most you can do. Maybe the question was asking for the sum of x and y, not x and y alone. Or maybe it was asking for the vertex angle in the small triangle, which would be 180 - 59 = 121.</p>

<p>X is 30, Y is 29 (or the other way around).</p>

<p>After finding out the unlabeled angle is 121 like ivis showed, and knowing that the two add to 59, it turns out to be those numbers. You could also just put in random numbers and see if they work, heh. But I couldn't do it algebraically.</p>

<p>Any pair of angles x and y that add up to 59 is correct. (There is no one correct solution.)</p>