Geometry to Algebra 2

I have not done so well in Honors Geometry, getting a B the first semester and a measly C- in the second, should I take Honors Algebra 2 or drop down to regular Algebra 2?

Take the challenge, but try harder. Some people who aren’t good at geo are good at algebra.

The important question is how did you do in Algebra I? If you did well, you have a good chance for being successful in Algebra II. Geometry is sort of an outlier in mathematics sequence- so your entire math career should not be shaped around it.

review algebra I before you start Algebra II. This is a very important key to success. Use Kahn Academy.

I was in the same situation as you two years ago. I absolutely dreaded doing geometry and I did so/so in the class. However, I strangely ended up liking algebra 2 A LOT more. I don’t know the validity of this but from my experience, those who seem to not like geometry end up liking algebra 2/trig more and those who like geometry tend to not like it. That’s just what I’ve noticed though.

I think you should stick with honors and see how you do. If you end up not liking it you can maybe ask to then be switched out.

Is your school lenient about switching classes in the middle of the year? Maybe try 1 semester of Honors and see how it goes, and if you’re still struggling you could drop after first semester?

Geo and alg are completely different and usually those who struggle with one end up doing fine with the other. If you did ok in Alg I then you’ll be fine. Idk about your school but our school lets us drop an honors class within a month with out it showing up on our transcript so if your school has a similar policy definitely take the honors class and see how you do with it.

But drop the class if it gets too hard. I made the mistake of staying in an honors class that I couldn’t handle and ended alg II with a c+ :frowning: