George Mason Chances of acceptance??

Hello. I am a senior and my UWGPA through high school so far has been pretty lackluster (3.3) and i want to know if my chances of getting into GMU are good.

SAT- 1330

Senior Year 1st Quarter grades
AP Comp Sci Principles- A
Applied Calculus- B-
English DE- B
AP Gov- B-
Advanced Band- A
AP Environmental Science- C- (rip)
Human anatomy & Physiology- B+
Econ and Personal Finance- B+

Marching Band (4 years, 2 years as section leader)
Track and Field (2 years)
Key Club
Tru-M Music Honors Society
Youth baseball coach

Geometry teacher, employer and counselor rec

also, I should add I applied Early action and submitted late October.

I think your chances are reasonably good due to your SATs, rigorous curriculum and solid ECs-what’s your weighted GPA?

i believe it is around a 3.5-3.6

it looks like you’re good. Mason wants students who get mostly A’s and B’s. Since you’ve taken AP courses then it has increased your chances of getting in. Make sure you don’t get C’s and make sure that your college essay is good.