George Mason Early Action decisions 2011

<p>Hey guys! so... if anyone gets their decisions, please let us know. If anyone has success by calling them also to get info, please let us know!!!! greatly appreciated, take care!</p>

<p>I'm still waiting for mine. However, I have friends who have already received their acceptances, so I wonder if I should be worried...</p>

<p>you are the man i must ask! did you get a 'happy holidays' postcard in the mail from mason today ? please let me know if you did. i did, and some of my friends didn't. the ones that got in, also got them. uhmm... when did your friend get in? please let me know! thanks, Raj.</p>

<p>Yes! I got two of them, actually, which was weird.... But they got their acceptances a little over a week ago, I think. I went to check my application status and all that appears now is the residency/in-state tuition requirement. My friend who got in also only sees that when she logs in.
I just don't understand why they would send out only some letters to one area, and then wait to send the rest to that same area? That doesn't make sense, unless they are sending out acceptances first and waitlistings/deferrals/rejections last.... I don't know.</p>

<p>Well, maybe it's a sign? Nahh i dont think so, well i hope not. cause that would be unfair. maybe they are sending them out in batches. when did you apply? like date wise. and well the thing with the postcards is that I got one, my friends that got in got them, and other people waiting for decision (like me) didnt get one. so maybe it's a sign we got in? please let me know! keep in touch! - Raj.</p>

<p>also, what are you stats? GPA SAT ECs and stuff. and where do you live?</p>

<p>i'm coasting at 3.6 550 560 590 (CR M W) and voluntary work at the hospital. top 11 percent in my class (of 735) haha. That's all i've got! ohh, i live in Woodbridge, prince william county.</p>

<p>CR: 580 M: 550 W: 660; 3.6 GPA, top 10% of my class; International Baccalaureate diploma candidate; various leadership positions over the years, including groups that are active with volunteering and community service; and I live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. </p>

<p>and still nothing... hopefully, it will come tomorrow.</p>

<p>HEY!! this is important and you may want to check this out.. <a href=""&gt;;/a>
put in your last name, put in your ID ticket number from the email they sent you... and then.. see if it lets you sign in to make a payment (like gives you payment options). My guess is if it does, we got in. If not, we didnt. But im not sure at this point. I'm still waiting on my letter and i'm getting nervous again. i was able to log in though.</p>

<p>^^that seems legit to me, and it worked ^.^</p>

<p>Have you gotten your letter yet? still waiting...</p>

<p>it worked for me too. and no, i'm still waiting. today's mail hasn't come yet.</p>

<p>I got in yesterday. big white envelope 'your future has begun' can't miss it! good luck, let me know.</p>

<p>I got my package today. (: It was all wet from the rain, but i'm not complaining. haha.
And congratulations. (:</p>

<p>I got a big letter in the mail today! So excited, even though im going to penn state upark!!!!!</p>