George Mason Study Abroad and AP Credits

George Mason is currently at the top of my daughters list for affordability. Wondering if anybody can speak to their study abroad opportunities and if the AP’s from high school were helpful in entering as a sophomore?

I can’t speak on the study abroad, but I can speak on the transfer of AP credits. They can help you transfer as a Sophomore, but may not be applicable to the degree that your daughter is pursuing. My Son is in his Second Semester, his admitted status is freshman, but because of his AP Credits, on paper, he is being shown as a Sophmore. Even though his AP Credits transferred, he could not use them towards the degree he’s pursuing. He’s in the Honors College and pursuing an Engineering degree, which does not match his AP Credit s for theDegree requirements.

I would suggest using the Transfer Credit Matrix on the Mason site and match them to the requirements of the degree that your daughter is pursuing. That will give you some idea, if they will meet the degree requirements.

George Mason has a very interesting program for Freshman called Global Gateway. It is one of the reasons that GM is at the top of my DD’s list. She is very interested in studying abroad. I can’t review the program because we haven’t experienced it yet.

Anyone know when we hear for university scholars?

Transfer Credit Matrix for AP and Dual Enrollment:

Mason has a huge variety of study abroad programs. Quite a few of them come with small scholarships; many are at the same rate of tuition you would pay on the Fairfax Campus. They also have their own campus in Korea.