George Mason University Scholar Class of 2024

Hello! It says that the University Scholars Consideration was sent out on January 24th for this year. Her email crashed that day, so I am trying to figure out whether or not my daughter may have gotten it. Here are her credentials:

Residency: IS
Has not confirmed attendance yet
GPA: 3.8 (UW), 4.2 (W)
SAT: 1490 (770 Math, 720 Reading)
IBs: 5, 1 English DE
Activities: Swim and Softball Captain for School, Community Service Chair for FBLA, newspaper editor-in-chief.
Major: Bioengineering

I’m trying to decide whether or not it is worth it for her to send an email to ask if she got it. Thanks!

Also, she did not receive any merit-based scholarships. Should I bother?

I would call rather than email. In fact, my daughter called today and asked about merit scholarships. How did your daughter know that she didn’t get any merit-based scholarships? Have they already been sent out? My daughter was told by one admissions person that they hadn’t been mailed yet and by another that she didn’t get one. We’re confused and we are waiting on that information before she makes her decision. All of her other colleges gave her scholarships, albeit small ones.

Hey if it helps mason has offered scholarships to some including my DD. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Call the financial department and tell them that you want to come to the school, but you need more money. I did that and they gave me $10k more a year for showing interest in the school. I really appreciated it and it helped me a lot.