George Mason vs Virginia Tech

<p>I am a rising Junior majoring in Accounting at GMU. In high school, my dream college was Virginia Tech. I never visited it, but judging by the marketing material my HS provided, I thought I would like it alot. Unfortunately, senior year, I got waitlisted and then rejected from VT. This past spring I applied to VT as a transfer. I was accepted.</p>

<p>A few weeks before I was accepted, I had visited VT for the first time and I liked it. However, when I went to orientation this past week, I went by myself. The lonely 4 hour drive to-and-from Northern VA and rural southwest VA made me realize something – do I really want to go to college so far away from home? Literally in the middle of nowhere? The more that I thought about it, the more it made me realize: the main reason why I didn’t like GMU wasn’t because of the school, but because of the fact that I lived with my parents 30 minutes away from campus. There were many activities that I wanted to get involved with, but I never did because I was also so far away from campus when they were happening. I talked it over with my parents and my mom said if I wanted to go finish off at GMU, she’ll let me apply for on campus housing. My dad however, thinks I’m ruining my future since GMU doesn’t have the name recognition that comes with Virginia Tech and is insisting that I got here.</p>

<p>On top of this, the Virginia Tech administration had been a headache to deal with. At first, I contacted Housing about whether or not I would be likely to get on campus housing as a transfer and they said I would. Then after I filled out the housing form, they e-mailed most of us transfers and told us they ran out of dorms and that we were going to need to go apartment hunting. Then, the registrar screwed up my transfer credits, so I had to go runaround with them. During the time the registrar screwed up my credits, Financial Aid was doing a status check and since the registrar listed me as a "Freshman," they dropped $2000 off my award package. I have since filled out a correction form for them but I have yet to see them update my awards. Finally, at orientation, I didn't have the chance to visit my academic advisor. Upon returning home, I received a voicemail the next day from her telling me that I will have too many credits transferring in after my summer classes. (In reality, that's not the case -- I'm taking 9 credits, but 6 of those 9 credits transfers to Virginia Tech has a 3-credit in reality, I am right at their maximum transfer credit limit of 62. It's kinda sad I know more about this than my advisor)</p>

<p>After all the hurdles VT has made me do and my realization that GMU’s not that bad of a school, I am not sure if I want to go to VT anymore. The only reason I can think of for going is IF graduating from VT gives me a better chance at getting a good starting accounting job. Your thoughts?</p>

<p>also, I forgot to mention, in order to graduate on time at VT, I would need to take an 18 credit course load for 3 out of my 4 remaining semesters.</p>

<p>at GMU, I can still graduate on time.</p>

<p>My seriously brilliant brother (800 Math 760 Verbal on GRE) got his masters from George Mason--it was close to his house. He did get the Outstanding Student award at graduation, but then he is quite hardworking. So George Mason does award recognizable degrees, you know (his was in computer science). He went undergrad to UVa, but he was satisfied with George Mason.</p>

<p>Just to tell you our family's experience.</p>

<p>If you like GMU then stay there and ignore the pressure from your parents.</p>

<p>Clueless, GMU is a fine school and if you work hard to prove yourself in the classroom it is my opinion that an accounting degree from there is very well respected. My husband has several friends from NOVA that are doing very well in the DC area and majored in business/accounting from GMU. My thoughts would be to stay at GMU, get your undergrad, and then go for an MBA somewhere else if you want. </p>

<p>Transferring can be a true pain. You are right in that they are scrambling for housing down in Blacksburg. We recently got a letter (my son is going to be a freshman there this fall) saying that they had more kids accept than they thought and that some students are going to be in temporary housing, RAs will start off sharing rooms, etc. I think that kids who sent in their deposits at the end, transfers, etc. are the ones in a bind. So, then you may live off campus at VT, too. </p>

<p>It sounds like your mom is giving you the option by allowing you to live on campus to get out of your college experience what you should: a good education and a chance to become part of your university on a social level.
But at this late stage in the summer are you assured of obtaining an on campus dorm space? </p>

<p>I wish things would have gone more smoothly for you. Good luck and let us know how it works out.</p>

<p>I would forget about VT its not that much better than GMU</p>

"But at this late stage in the summer are you assured of obtaining an on campus dorm space?"</p>

<p>I spoke with GMU Housing and signed up for their Fall housing waiting list. I'm #600-something, so the chances of me getting housing for the fall are very slim. However, GMU flushes the housing waitlist for every semester, so if I sign up right when the list opens for Spring 09 (which I intend to do), I'm bound to get a spot. There's going to be at least a handful of kids that either drop out or move off campus. In a sense, housing is not "guaranteed" but you know it's inevitable.</p>

<p>There you go! sounds to me like you should do your commute from home until January and then finish off your last year and a half on campus. That would be cool, too, and would give you a fresh take on your school while being able to live there. You are going to do just fine! Good Luck!</p>

<p>Hmmmm......while I agree that GMU's reputation is on the rise, I have to disagree with your second sentence. There are many top schools that are "in the middle of nowhere"....Have you ever been to Davidson, Williams, W & L? Shoot, Charlottesville isn't a metropolis by any stretch of the imagination. However, I do think that being near DC for what Clueless wants to do is a great thing!</p>

<p>If you want to pass the CPA exam first try, go to GMU. The accounting department is solid.</p>

<p>Clueless, you will get a good education at either school, but I think you're better off staying at GMU. Taking an elevated course load while trying to fit into a new social situation and make new friends (esp. if you're not in campus housing) sounds very stressful. And many universities don't give the social support to transfers that they lavish on freshman. I don't know whether VT is one of them, but so far they seem to have been less than helpful.</p>