George Mason's construction?

<p>Does anyone know when it will be done? I plan to go to GMU in a few years! I graduate in 2013, so I'll be going to GMU in the fall of 2013. Will the construction be done by then? Is it annoying?</p>

<p>Construction at Mason is never ending. Right now they are finishing building new dorms and renovating the old ones. After that is done, the JC (Johnson Center) is being renovated along with SUB ll. There are cranes all over campus and the construction wakes you up in the morning (if you don't have early classes). But hopefully, it will all be worth it some day.</p>

<p>Facilities</a> @ George Mason University -</p>

<p>As lostpatriot said, it never ends. They already are working on many things like the science and tech addition and renovation, and if you look you can see other big projects planned like the west campus connector that have yet to start.</p>

<p>The construction near the commons (Science and Tech) should be done by the time you are here. I lived right by it last year and it never bothered me. I can see the Fenwick addition as being annoying for those who will be living in the dorms close to it (non-freshman). The VIIB housing project looks like it could be annoying since a part of it appears to be right in between the Park (freshman dorms), Liberty square, and Potomac heights and another section spread out...</p>

<p>I guess construction makes campus a tad more ugly, but I don't mind it.</p>