George wants to go to Cornell, what are my chances

<p>I plan to apply ED to Engineering</p>

<p>-I am Asian
-I got 740M 640V SAT junior year (waiting for October scores but feel I did much better)
-2 months work experience at CVS besides babysitting and such
-rank about top 12% in Simsbury CT
-about 4+ gpa: from weighted conversion of 20 scale
-varsity badminton("ha ha", watever)
-taking SAT II in Nov
-visited campus
-will plan interview with "powerful" alumni
-taking/took most AP courses offered (6 of 10 offered)
-only "C" in AP US History (never liked history too much)
-building hovercraft as senior project (oh yeah baby)
-decent essay
-dont need financial aid (if that helps me)
-modest award portfolio</p>

<p>Negative comments are welcomed as well. Thanks</p>

<p>Okay, but only because you invited it. Verbal is nearly out of lower range but you believe that will go up. Good high school, but top 12% too low. Almost no one is below top 10%, and then there are other factors involved (URM, legacy, athlete), or phenomenally high SAT's. Admissions are needs blind. Cornell is a real stretch (I would say less than 1 out of ten chance RD, and essentially no chance ED) unless you get math up to 750+ and verbal over 700 and even then it is of course not assured. I would look at RPI, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Worcester Polytech, Carnegie Mellon as well.</p>

<p>don't understand why no one will respond, or why when people respond they're so pessimistic, must be cuz we're asian :(</p>

<p>ghost23, hey. i think you have a chance. my brother is in engineering there but he got a 1560 and was 4 out of 400 kids. i guess the engineering there is really good, but ur scores and resume is pretty good, but whether u will get accepted or not--it could go either way i guess.</p>

<p>dont worry about it cujoe, negative ones are fine as well. ill appreciate anything</p>

<p>If you did better on the October SATs I think it would help you a lot, 640 verbal is borderline.</p>

<p>You have pretty weak EC's. I would hope that you have extremely well on your SAT's. I had pretty weak EC's as well when I applied and got in almost strictly on my academic stats alone (regular decision).</p>

<p>Agree with most posters your stats as it stand is a stretch. I'd look into more match schools.</p>

<p>new SAT I scores, 800m 690v, damn just so close</p>

<p>Congratulations on the math, and making good progress on the verbal--I would now definitely go for it.</p>

<p>With the 1490, I think you stand a good chance. The rank's not bad (top 10% would be ideal, but you're close). Overall, I'd say you'd be in since you're applying ED.</p>