George Washington Online Status Checker

<p>I submitted my application under regular decision to GWU in the beginning on November. I checked on their website to see if everything was submitted. On the website, they said my application was "under review". Does this mean that I could possibly get my decision earlier since I applied under regular decision so early?

<p>No- all RD decisions are release at the same time- end of March.</p>

<p>I applied regular decision, but got all my stuff in before the ED deadline too. I just noticed that when I go on the status checker, it says my application is "under review"'s weird.</p>

<p>Under review means that they've received everything. GW isn't rolling, so you won't find out until march like schmohawk said</p>

<p>Is it true for BA/MD also that the decisions will be available only end of March?</p>

<p>Does anyone know when the ED2 notification date is?</p>

<p>EDII notification date is early February.</p>

hi what date do you think it will be released this month?