George Washington residence

Hi, I am attending SVA in the fall and I am trying to decide on what residence hall I want to dorm at. I know I want a single room so my options are limited to the George Washington residence hall and ludlow. The only thing is ludlow is the most expensive one so I am not sure if I can afford to dorm at that one. I’ve read some reviews on yelp about the George Washington hall being dirty and infested with bugs, but the reviews are old and from before they renovated some of the floors. When I went on a tour of the George Washington hall the lighting made it seem sort of depressing, but I didn’t find it to be dirty, just old. If anyone can give me a more up to date review or their experience that would be great! Thank you!!

I also really want to know what George Washington residency is like so if anyone knows please step up.
@alexajade17 the online reviews are brutal and scare me so much so I’m hoping they are very outdated. you say you actually visited? what was it like???

@livingitup‌ I found it to be old and depressing like the reviews online said. Theres no windows in the hall ways and the lighting is like dim fluorescent lighting so its sort of depressing. The one room they showed us was on the 3rd floor; it was very cramped and tiny, which I already figured the rooms would be like, but I didn’t like that there was no window because of a building being right next to it, so it would be lit by artificial lighting the whole time. The community room/ kitchen on the top floor wasn’t dirty like the reviews said, it just seemed old to me. It was also the open house day when I visited so maybe they did a good job cleaning everything because they knew a lot of people would be visiting.

@alexajade17 ok thank you so much for the information! I found a different place to stay so it’s all good. Hope everything works out for you as well!