George Washington U. Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for George Washington Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: January 5

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When does GW traditionally announce RD decisions? Thanks

The website says by early April. Last year (2022) it was March 28th.


Does anyone else have an idea as to when the decision will come out? If I had to guess I would say Monday the 27th

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I saw a post on another board that someone called the admissions office and they said “a few more weeks” (cannot verify if this is true). I really wish they would just release the date, even if its a long way away, so I don’t have to keep checking.

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Granted my daughter did ED last year and we didn’t know the official date…but a few days ahead of the release they sent them a message and posted on FB/Instagram about when it would be released. My guess is around March 27.

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Does anyone know the admit days in April…I am guessing ED2 receipants would know…any info would be great

Honestly, last year (for fall 2022) they did not announce admitted student days until after RD was announced. There were plenty of dates to choose from.

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Really? I would thought they would give dates to ED2 didn’t they find out a month ago?

We did ED2 last year (Feb. 2022) and did not get the list of admitted students events until after RD was released on March 28th. GW was not in a rush to release dates out to ED students because they are already committed.


I logged into my daughter’s financial aid portal for GW today and the status for all of our tax forms was updated yesterday to “requirement satisfied”. Up until a few days ago they said something like “Ready for review”. Should I read into this? Can I assume that it’s a good sign that they actually reviewed it in March?

How come nobody wants to play portal astrology with me? :smiling_face_with_tear:

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I just logged in, only the GW verification worksheet is ready for review. Others are requirements satisfied. It is not a sign.


But what’s your date for requirements satisfied? Mine was yesterday.

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Most are Feb 2023.

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Hmmm. Thanks!

where can you log on to see your financial aid portal information? I can only see my app as completed on

Here are the instructions for the GW financial aid site:

do you know where to find your GW user ID? ive been looking for it everywhere

Its in your student portal - middle of the main page