George Washington vs. Georgetown

<p>Both of these schools look interesting to me. I'm probably gonna major in history, and I want a school with great writing and music (jazz especially) programs as well. I'm also interested in political science and political communication (I'm sure both are awesome in that, being in DC). What are the differences between these schools and which do you think would be better for me (if either)?</p>

<p>I think most people would agree that Georgetown is more well-known that George Washington. Although both schools are great for polical science, Georgetown's better. If money isn't a cost, I'd recommend Georgetown for its academics, reputation, and very pretty campus.</p>

<p>Georgetown doesn't seem to have much of a history department though, judging from the website...and I'm not sure if I would fit in because of the religious affiliation.</p>

<p>I'd suggest GWU because it seems more open to people doing loads of different things, as in they positively encourage it.</p>

<p>Georgetown has a better reputation and is considerably harder to get into than GW(although GW still is well-known). I applied to GW, and not to GT. I'm sure plenty of people applied to GW as a Gtown safety, but not as many as you probably think. GW's urban campus is more similar to NYU and BU, while Gtown's gothic architecture and sprawling lawns look like Columbia or University of Chicago. GW is considerably more urban, and is a secular institution while GTown is Catholic. GW is located in Foggy Bottom, which is literally three blocks from the White House. Georgetown is more on the city limits of DC, near the Potomac River in NW DC. It's not like Gtown students don't have access to DC like GW students or anything, it's just easier for GW students to travel to internships.</p>

<p>I would guess that a Gtown admit could get a decent scholarship from GW. Money will make the decision hard.</p>

<p>Thanks guys.</p>

<p>Georgetown is full of preppy wankers. What the hell is a Hoya anyway?</p>

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<p>haha right on pat!</p>

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