Georgetown Admissions Fall 2022

REA decisions were released online, so I would assume RD will be the same.

When is the best guess when RD will come out?

I’m guessing Friday March 25th tbh, based on past years and what they’ve said this year

Did any of you receive request to follow you from gtown__2026 on Instagram? Does it look, an unofficial group?

I was talking to someone in admission today for something else. When I asked her about the decision date, she casually said 3/31 and then by 4/1. Either they don’t have the set date yet, or she wasn’t supposed to say it.

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Their web site says April 1.


when have they tended to release decisions in past years?

Last year it was March 26th

Any guess / info on RD?

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Got some mail on USPS informed delivery coming from Washington D.C. I don’t know if it means anything but pretty much the only mail I get nowadays is from colleges so hoping it’s something from gtown.


March 25 based on past decision dates


How do you know the letters of recommendation are excellent. I thought they were submitted straight to the school and not available to students.

what did it end up being?

Letter from the White House


Anyone able to access this ?

no are you?


I am looking to see if someone can, I cant either. It was posted on reditt.

can u send the link please