georgetown and a medley of others, thank you! shall indeed reciprocate!

this is what my cv will shape up to when I graduate (ia)
interested in Georgetown (especially!), uwash, vandy, unc, emory, boston u

gpa 4.5 w; 4.0 uw

sat 1510: 790 r; 720 m
act   33: 35 e; 32 r; 33 m; 32 s
sat ii  750 world; 770 bio e; 740 math ii
rank pretty sure I’ll be val, knock on wood…

5 psych
5 env sci, 5 us
4 bio, 5 gov, 4 lang (self-study)
? macro, ? calc ab

dual at a comm college
a, engl 1101 (english comp i)
a, engl 1102 (english comp ii)

dual at our state uni (ranked in the 50s/60s nationally)
a, russ 1001 (elem Russian i)
?, russ 1002 (elem Russian ii)
?, comm 1100 (public speaking) (I died so many times in here)
?, csci 1210 (computer modeling & science)
?, cbio 2200 (anatomy & phys i)

alll academic classes = adv, accelerated, de, or ap; healthcare pathway was completed, foreign language was fulfilled w Latin i ii iii, Russian 1001 & 1002.

~ useless awards and such ~

Work-Based Learning – Hospital Rotation at a local Medical Center, direct patient care procedures, 100+ hours, 12th
CDC Disease Detective Camp, summer 2016
Global Health Coursera webinar, by Duke, summer 2015
Personally organized global health awareness campaign at uni, raised $1,5741.32, 12th (that’s just a really specific guesstimate, but yeah, this project is the Damian Wayne to my Batman (mebbe that’s a bad analogy))

nahs, 11 - 12th
Art, K-2nd, 4-5th, 8th, 10-12th (amica mea!)
photography, 10th-12th

varsity tennis, 10-12th

Governor’s Honors Program Attendee, summer 2017

random obligatory nerd stuff:
beta, 3-12th; Secretary, 11-12th
nhs, 11-12th; President, 12th
100+ hrs service (not including aforementioned project)

I reckon something cool is that I’m really good w language: english (Fluent), urdu (verbally fluent), Russian (proficient), latin (proficient), spanish (sufficient), and a smidge of Arabic (which I hope to minor in)

I hope to major in global/intl health (public/health promo/med,health,soci is aces too)
sorry if I rambled…
thanks so much and if you guys need anything legal, I’m more than happy to help :slight_smile: