Georgetown AP Scores - Help!

Working on my Georgetown SFS EA application right now. My stats are decent: 1430 SAT, 33 ACT, top 10% in class, 4.23 GPA, lots of AP classes, good ec’s, etc., but my AP scores are mediocre/bad! I got a 5 in AP Lang but a 3 in APUSH and a 2 in Chemistry.

What should I do? Send all 3 (meet the recommendation of 3 AP scores)? Or cancel the Chemistry score and send the APUSH and Lang scores? Switch to regular decision and take a few subject tests between now and then?

What’s my best course of action?

Never mind—just came across the updated policy for COVID—they no longer recommend subject tests/AP scores anyway! Just says you are free to submit if you wish. Thanks.

If you’re able to pick and choose submit the 5, IMO don’t submit the 3, and DEFINITELY DO NOT submit the 2.

I would say, don’t submit scores. However, AP scores sometimes reflect more on your school/teaching than on you, so I wouldn’t sweat it too much either way.

No. AP scores always reflect more on the student than either the teacher or the school. No college will accept poor teaching or lackluster school as an excuse. There should be zero expectation of spoon feeding. The onus to learn is ultimately on the student.