Georgetown, Brown, UChicago, Boston College, Macalester

<p>So I am an upcoming senior this fall. I am planning on applying EA to Georgetown SFS. Also, I want to apply to Brown (I know this is a bit of stretch), UChicago, Boston College, and Mac.
I am intending to study international relations, with a specific focus on the Middle East, Arabic, and Islam.
GPA: 4.0 unweighted
Rank: 1(of two) out of 280 at a public high school
I will only have taken two AP courses (Bio, English), though our school only offers 5 (Bio, Eng, Calc, Gov, and Spanish). Instead, I opted to take classes at a local 4-year private liberal arts university. I will have between 30-40 credits finished by the time I graduate. I know that I might not be able to transfer many of them, but they offered more rigorous coursework than my high school. Before I started at the university level I took all the "challenge" level courses my school offered.
I live in rural Minnesota, my town has a population of about 15,000 so I haven't had the opportunity yet to study what I want (Arabic) and I'm not sure if that is going to hurt me.
33 ACT (36 Math, 35 Eng, 35 Reading, 27 Science(yuck))
Theater/Musical Theater(community, school)- Actor, Director, Playwright, Stage Crew, Sound/Light Operator
Drama Club Executive Board Memeber
Challenge Team (quiz Bowl)
Speech Team- Informative- Conference 3rd Place Section Finalist
Orchestra(community, school)- 8 years, violin
Piano- 6 years
I'm involved heavily at church, I assist with liturgy planning, music, and serve as a substitute secretary
Last year I participated in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair after putting a great deal of time into a research project
HOPE (Helping Our Peers Excel)
Link Crew Leader
I've had a job for two and half years now at a local nursing home, working about 10-15 hours a week and I'll be starting a second job at a coffee shop soon.
Special Olympics Volunteer- 4 years
Math Team
Science Club
Choir Member(community, school)</p>

<p>I plan to take three subject tests in October, and am studying pretty hard, so I hope I do well. </p>


<p>With the exception of Macalaster and maybe UChicago, being from Minnesota will be in your favor. BC and Mac are matches; Brown is a low reach, and Chicago tends to enjoy essays and the like. Georgetown is pretty unpredictable.</p>

<p>Application is altogether very well-rounded. You have a great shot at all the schools you listed.</p>