georgetown business & employment?

<p>i know i seem to be reading too far in the future for a person who's not even a college freshman, but it IS one of the factors that im considering in choosing a college.</p>

<p>my question to bother you all THIS time is.. how good is gtown college for a business education and future employment? i took a look at the career center's stats but i dont have anything to compare it to so i can't tell if those stats are high or average. i pretty much decided on georgetown instead of brown (for those of you who answered my last post gtown vs. brown thanks SO much) but today, a man who sent 2 daughters to ivy league schools and worked in high management at a big company basically told me to not even CONSIDER gtown and to go to brown. i seem to get that a lot though from other people and as i was indecisive those kind of things affect me.</p>

<p>so tell me, in your opinions, how does gtown compare to brown (or any other ivy league) in terms of employment later on?</p>

<p>Overall it depends on the field you go into. Specifically in regards to MSB, every year most of my graduating MSB friends have jobs before the end of the fall semester senior year. Their career network is pretty beneficial for students. Those of my MSB friends that don't have jobs were already set on law school/grad school so they weren't looking for anything anyway. Not to mention just being in DC will give you the opportunity to do some excellent internships that always beef up a resume. Don't know much about Brown though...</p>

<p>If you're specifically interested in business(are you in the College for this fall?), then you probably should transfer into MSB if that's what you want.</p>

<p>Anyway, just so you know the average starting salary of MSB graduates from last year that responded to a survey was $49,530. The maximum starting was $100,000 and the minimum was $16,000. The top 5 employers of MSB gradutes were JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, and KPMG, LLP. It's well known that MSB has many connections and the top investment banks recruit heavily at Georgetown, and you really shouldn't have a problem finding a job or getting into post-undergrad schools.</p>

<p>only Penn(Wharton) and Cornell(CALS) have undergrad business programs as well.</p>

<p>there's also NYU stern, just for the record.</p>

<p>And Berkeley Haas. And USC's Marshall.</p>

<p>thanks everyone =)</p>