Georgetown Chance?

<p>Chance please?
Applying early action to Georgetown Walsh Foreign Service, already in progress.
Public School Senior, Full IB (All IB or Pre-IB classes- most challenging in our school)</p>

<p><strong>Should mention no calculus (but still IB Math, which is challenging), which they seemed to want, and Latin IB when applying to WSFS... not sure if it matters since my language is dead.</strong></p>

<p>Top 10% of class, no # ranking
UW GPA ≈ 3.78
W GPA ≈ 4.2
SAT I CR=730 M=660 W=whocaresaboutwriting
SAT II Taking October 6... expecting ≈700's in US history, Bio, and Literature or Math I</p>

---Regular Volunteering through First Tee (1 or 2 hours a week all year)
---Job since 10th grade 8-10 hrs a week
---Volunteered on my district's Congressmen's campaign, (calling it "internship")
---Habitat for Humanity one or two weekends
---PTA Student Representative (maybe they'll think student gov't? - it sort of is)
---Latin Club Two-Term Treasurer (and possibly president this year)
---Varsity Golf 4 years (team may win states this year, waiting till after to submit app just in case... wish us luck)
---Church Youth Group</p>

Counselor report may be lame, she just started and barely knows me but I'll give a resum</p>

<p>georgetown's a reach for you</p>

<p>Your SAT scores are on the lower end, especially the Math. I'd say its a reach.</p>

<p>Sorta figured that thanks for the honesty. My ACT was pretty decent thought that might balance out my test scores at least make give a little bit of a chance, but I had always considered my SAT pretty good- especially CR. Both are in the middle 50% on college board. Maybe a good essay would get me in the last few spots</p>

<p>Sorry to be annoying but I'd like to get a few more opinions. Bump to top.</p>


<p>Daughter got in with lesser test scores, comparable GPA last year. Lots of Leadership though. Pres of two clubs and founded a third along with varsity sport. You are a definite candidate. Need strong essay and recs. good luck</p>

<p>Write good essays, maybe explain some of your EC's. I'm applying to Georgetown early, too but for Int'l Health. </p>

<p>Are you retaking SATS? You might want to, just to boost the math a bit.</p>

<p>Otherwise you're courseload looks good. Just be sure to keep up your grades :)</p>

<p>Chance me back?
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<p>thanks for the responses, always appreciate a little motivation or advice especially from the previous accepted/rejected kids or parents of students. I'll try to get those essays perfect.</p>

<p>try getting on the golf team. that could help you for admissions</p>

<p>What do you mean? Just talk to the coach or how do you think I outta go about that?</p>


<p>It's a reach because your SAT math score is pretty low.</p>

<p>taking SAT II Math II, so I'm hoping this will improve the poor math aspect of my app. ACT composite was good, 32, but not sure if they just look at this and assume english/math were similar or look at each section. 28 for math 34 for english. Thanks for the tip I'll be sure to practice for the Math II</p>