Georgetown/Claremont McKenna/Cal Poli Sci

<p>I'm a CCC student applying to the UCs and several other schools, Georgetown and Claremont McKenna topping my list for the private colleges. I'm wondering if I have any realistic chance at getting in to these schools.</p>

<p>major: poli sci (public policy emphasis)
GPA: 3.68
ECs: Speech & Debate (fairly competitive in several events, and I coach a HS program,) Campus Poli Sci Assoc (Pres, founder,) Public Issues Forum (Pres, founder,) work on an academic book critiquing US politics which will be published, internship w/ county judge, working on a congressional campaign (write position papers, college liason,) Alpha Gamma Sigma, Honors Program, Service Learning, Instrumental Music, Mock Trial and JSA in HS, occasional work with a few advocacy groups, interning in DC this summer
Work Experience: part-time jobs since I was 15, 2 years with current company (recieved 4 promotions, was youngest acting general manager in national company, currently working in lower management to focus on school)
Gap in Ed: took a year off to focus on work and help my father who has cancer
Essay: Will be above average
*Will interview with these schools, should go very well</p>

<p>I feel that I have a good story to tell with my life experiences and extra-curricular involvment, but I don't know if I make the cut. My TOP CHOICE is UC Berkeley, but I'm being realistic, I know it's highly competitive (as are Georgetown and CMC.) Do I have a shot? </p>