Georgetown Class of 2025 Regular Decision

My first rejection, but I’m okay. Anyone looking at any other DC schools?

I got in, but I heard the alumni there are super sketchy.

DS rejected after getting deferred in EA.

SAT 1470
GPA 3.94/4.44
Ranked 7th in class
Varsity athlete

Total shock because yesterday Villanova rejected


Ahahaha sameee

My son was Rejected but accepted at 9 other schools with scholarship including an acceptance from GWU today so we’re ok with it! Congrats to those who were accepted in this unprecedented year!


What area of the country are you from?

The results just came out!

I got waitlisted:/

I’m not quite sure what to make of the stats for waitlist admission rates. Last year for Georgetown College it was 20% but in years before it was 6, 0, 4…
Probably because last year a lot of people deferred?

Me too, I was deferred ea and waitlisted rd. But they said they’ll release desicions by may 15, which is after we have to commit to colleges? I’m a little confused, like is it worth writing a loci

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yeah fr. glad i found someone else who got waitlisted. Do you think we would be allowed to commit to somewhere else, then if taken off the waitlist, switch to georgetown?

also is it even worth it at that point? it’s a lot more waiting smh

It isn’t worth sacrificing your other college spots for an offset chance of getting off the waitlist. Georgetown is good yes but prestige isn’t everything. What’s more important is how you do at xyz college. It’s a marathon and this is just one step.

Does anyone know if Georgetown has an admissions appeal process? Significant developments to application since submitting and would feel better about decision if I at least tried :((

accepted after being rejected from berkeley last night and waitlisted at umich today


Second rejection for my son. We feel very blessed, though.
Accepted: UChicago, Emory, Boston College, UF Honors, SCU (Santa Clara University)
Deferred from UPenn (legacy)
Waiting to hear from Duke, Carnegie, Columbia, Stanford, Rice
Good luck and congratulations!

Update: Duke: accepted / Carnegie: accepted/Rice: waitlisted


You can always submit a loci and additional letter of recommendation to your admin rep or through the form that comes with the waitlist email

Deleted!! Sorry, I misunderstood…

no,they’re saying that they got rejected from Berkeley yesterday

Waitlisted…third straight day after waitlists from Wash U and UVA. Just got in to Notre Dame which certainly softens the blow!


It’s poll time!