Georgetown Class of 2025 Regular Decision

Haha thanks. He was hoping to get into at least one out of HYP or Stanford. But he’s done very well imho.

Hello. Probably MIT. Second choice Brown.

Does anyone have any opinions? Georgetown, Cornell, uva, or md honors (in-state) for pre med? Any insight would be appreciated.

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I would like an answer for this too. I think Cornell should be the answer. Waiting to hear from Y’all.

You can be a pre-med at any of those and the academics/med school prospects will be comparable, except for class sizes. What else do you want in a school? Georgetown is in a major city, UMD near one, the other two in pretty isolated college towns. Georgetown and to an extent Cornell will have a bit more of a small community feel/smaller classes/etc than the state schools. It’s hard to give opinions solely based on the fact that you’re pre med.


Hi @hoya91 and @kiwimeister , just reading your post now. Can I ask what school you transferred from? A 4 year college? Community college? Another Jesuit collge? This is my plan but would like to know which to attend BEFORE trying to transfer as a Freshman. Thank you!

@nan415 - I actually attended Drew University in NJ. I lined up my freshman classes to “align” as best as possible with the first year requirements in the School of Foreign Service. As a transfer student, many of my best friends were also transfers - off the top of my head they were from: Villanova, Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth, a CC in NY, Indiana University. Of course there were more, but those are the ones I recall. So it does really vary. Some “prestigious” schools, at least one community college, a Catholic college, and a large state university.

Best of luck to you!

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