Georgetown College vs. Berkeley

<p>Hello. I live in California and I have already been accepted to Berkeley, but am on the waiting list at Gtown. I know it is a slim chance that I will get off but in case.... I am interested in possibly doing business, journalism, or architecture later in life. I also go to a small private school with 93 graduating in my class. Money is also somewhat of an issue (I am instate for Cal's tuition). Which college would be a better fit, IYO?</p>

<p>I had to make the same choice, but for a different major. I assume at this point you've visited both campuses if you were able to, which should have helped you decide somewhat. I go to an even smaller private school than you do, so when I visited Berkeley I was too overwhelmed by the size. Because of the size, Berkeley is less personal than I am used to and would like. This actually affected my decision a lot. But with more people does come a lot more opportunities in terms of activites and resources so it's something to think about.
Another thing to think about is the location. Many people do choose to go back east for college so they can have a new experience. Both colleges have a good location in my opinion with their urban nature, but I like how Georgetown seemed more united than Berkeley. Berkeley's dorms are all off campus and it felt like it might affect social life.<br>
In terms of what you want to study, Haas is an incredible school, but you do have to apply to get into it in the middle of college and if you don't get in you're kind of stuck. I don't know exactly which programs are better for your other interests, but it seems like Georgetown would offer better opportunities for journalism. I don't think Georgetown even has an architecture department, so I don't hesitate in saying that Berkeley is probably stronger.
Money wasn't an issue for me, so I don't know what to tell you about that. Berkeley is a lot less expensive. If you aren't very enthusiastic about Georgetown and are cool going to Berkeley than maybe it isn't worth putting strain on your family.
Sorry for the long post, but I hope I helped somewhat since no one else was posting. Good luck getting off the waitlist. Remember that whatever choice you make will be a good one since both are great schools.</p>

<p>Thank you very muc for your input--it was nice of you to give such a thoughtful and lengthy post.</p>