Georgetown EA School of Foreign Service

<p>Georgetown Early Action: The Walsh School of Foreign Service</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 weighted; not sure unweighted...3.89 or something because of two B's Freshman year (Our school does not weigh honors classes, which I have taken all through high school)
Rank: 8/267
SAT I: 1370 combined; 720 Verbal, 650 Math (Dismal test-taking abilities...)
SAT II: 680 Literature (Will retake to get over 700); 710 US History; 800 Writing (Writing is my strong point). I will also probably take SAT II French Language to help out the fact that I am applying to SFS.
APs: 5 AP US History; 5 AP English Language & Composition; 4 US Government
Senior APs: AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, AP English Literature, AP European History, AP Human Geography, AP French Language</p>

<p>School Extracurriculars</p>

<p>-President Amnesty International: 10,11,12
-President/Founder Model United Nations: 12
-Officer Student Forum 9,10,11,12
-Captain Quizbowl Team 11,12
-Copy Editor Newspaper 10,11,12
-Representative Student Council 11
-National Honor Society 10,11,12
-Organizer Oxfam Hunger Banquet 11
-French Club 11
-Talent Show Stage Manager 10
-Fall Play Stage Crew 9,10</p>

<p>Outside Extracurriculars</p>

<p>-Biodiversity Activist
-Act for Change Member
-World Youth Organization Member
-United Planet Ambassador
-NetAid.Org Outreach </p>

<p>Academic Honors</p>

<p>-Highest Academic Honors 9,10,11,12
-National Merit Commended Scholar 2004</p>

<p>Work/Volunteer Experience</p>

<p>Amnesty International USA Student Area Coordinator 2004 - 7 hrs/wk
Democratic National Convention 2004 - 30 hrs<br>
Oxfam America Make Trade Fair Campaign 2004 - 50 hrs<br>
Rock the Vote: Ben & Jerry’s Voter Registration 2004 - 8 hrs<br>
District Multicultural Fair 2003-2004 - 16 hrs<br>
St. James Summer Shelter 2004 - 40 hrs<br>
Harvard Summer Servers 2004 - 20 hrs<br>
Freedom’s Answer Leadership Council 2004 - 15 hrs<br>
Planned Parenthood Phone-banking 2004 - 10 hrs<br>
Green Peace Cyber-Activist 2004 - 20 hrs</p>

<p>Programs Attended/Other Involvement</p>

<p>Presidential Classroom: Future World Leaders Summit
Harvard Secondary School Program: Two college credit classes over 8 weeks, including one on the Middle East (my area of interest)
Harvard Crimson Newspaper Photography Internship
Amnesty USA Volunteer Leadership Conference Interdependence Day 2004 Videoconference on Globalization
Interdependence Day 2003 Participant</p>

<p>*I have attended other conferences, all usually in realm of international relations. Should I include those as a bonus?</p>


<p>Here are some other schools I'm looking at if Georgetown defers me to regular admission.</p>

George Washington
Boston College
University of Chicago
Washington University
Queens (Canada)

<p>From what I've seen on this board, many of those are going to be "reaches".</p>

<p>So I suppose it's my SAT scores that are going to hurt me. I'm a strong writer, so I'm confident my essays will be good-great.</p>

<p>What do you think? I will appreciate any feedback.</p>


<p>Dum de dum de dum</p>