Georgetown EA to SFS

Hi Everyone,

As the November 1st deadline approaches, can anyone tell me my chances to Georgetown EA SFS?


Cum. GPA (Unweighted): 3.85
Cum. GPA (Weighted): 4.43
No SAT Score (Due to Coronavirus…it was cancelled twice)
No SAT Subject Test as well :neutral:

I’m in the IB Diploma Program with 4 Higher Level Courses: Spanish B, Business Management, Math App & Intp, and Eng Lan Lit ; My SL courses are - Economics, Physics

I was predicted a 34 on IB :neutral:

*First student in my school to write EE in foreign language (Spanish)


  • Club Leader in Debate, MUN, School Band, and Community Service
  • Invited to the United Nations for a song I wrote (with that, I got to submit an additional rec letter from one of the UN officials)
  • Worked in a few NGOs on peacebuilding work and youth empowerment
  • Speak Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese fluently as my 3rd and 4th language (my mother tongue is Chinese and I study everything in English at my school since Elementary)


They are pretty interesting with my story at the UN as a Taiwanese and the songs I wrote on the UN SDGs

Please let me know!

Thank you :smile: