Georgetown EA

<p>We've all sent in the part one and at least started the essays. Where are you all in the process right now? I'm done with essay 1, working on essay 2.</p>

<p>turned in the whole app. as well as a supplement.</p>

What supplement?</p>

<p>not an official supplement. My most involved activity was this satire newspaper I created and was editor in chief I sent them a copy of that.</p>

<p>I turned in the whole app for EA. Now we just have to wait!!!</p>

<p>It's in the mail. The worst two months of my life start now.</p>

<p>I know. How insane is the wait going to be?</p>

<p>Actually, now that I think about it, I'm going to be sooooooooo busy it's not even funny. So MAYBE it won't be that bad? maybe.</p>

<p>Going over my essays one more time. While bashing my head into the wall for this insane toothache of mine.</p>

<p>same here, tlaktan</p>

<p>This is definitely going to be the longest 2 months of my life!</p>

<p>Guy, I'm applying to GT as well. But you think two months is bad? Try 10. For the Naval Academy, the Admissions Board started to meet in September. I had my entire app in by July 05. Some people don't even hear whether they get appointments until June 28 or 29, 1 day before Induction Day. So I understand your agony. 1 piece of advice: Don't obsessively run to the mailbox every day. It will ruin your life. (yes, I've been doing it for the past 3 months)</p>

<p>You mean July 2004. And M4M, it helps to have connections within the USNA staff (to hear back, I mean) :D</p>

<p>Nah, July 05, 2004. Hah, do you have connections, tlaktan?</p>

<p>marines4me and tlaktan--did either of you happen to go to one of the three Summer Seminars @ the USNA this past summer? I was at the first one: Charlie 2-3.</p>

<p>I've handed it in to Guidance and they're sending it with my counselor recomendation. Its finally out of my hands!!</p>

<p>Part I- sent in (a long time ago)
Part II- Everything is done, except for the essay for Georgetown College and my final draft of the summer activity essay.
SSR- turned in to counselor, should have been sent on Friday.
Recs.- turned in to teacher a long time ago, should be at least done, if not sent.</p>

<p>HOWEVER- How does the part that says to fill in the school activities in which I have been most involved differ from the place where you check boxes for the activities? Does the one with boxes include outside of school activities, too?</p>

<p>PS- was there ever a definite response on what to put in the "special talents and skills" area?</p>

<p>Part I: Sent long ago...
Part II: Just putting the finishing revisions on my essays, then to print and enclose! Everything else is done!</p>

<p>Counselor and Teacher Recs are hopefully gone, but otherwise they'll be gone this week (hopefully, I'm going to go check and see later).</p>

<p>Interview is done. Community College Transcript sent...I think it's all coming together.</p>

<p>I'm really not a fan of the Navy, thus no absolute connections. USMA, however, is a different story.</p>

<p>Did part one, got recs taken care of, wrote two essays, not much else done. Time to get to work.</p>

<p>Josh, I was at SS I as well! I was Bravo 4-2. Did you like it? I fell in love. WP was my first choice before, but now I don't know. If I get into Georgetown, it's where I'll go if I don't get into an Academy. Hopefully I'll do Marine NROTC there. </p>

<p>So you have connections at USMA, tlaktan? I just had my interview two days ago. Fortunately, my MALO said that my app was the most competitive he'd seen. Hopefully that's a very good sign.</p>