Georgetown EA

  1. Did it recently change from restrictive EA to non-restrictive EA?
  2. Only have one mediocre test score from last spring. Trying to re-take in Nov and Dec. Should I apply EA or wait for RD? I know I can submit scores after applying but will i make a "bad" first impression if my initial test scores are in the low end of the range (i.e. 1400)
  3. If I take both the ACT and SAT, will I need to submit scores from both - or can I pick the test I want to submit?


  1. No, Georgetown's EA policies have not changed at all. Georgetown's Early Action still restricts EA applicants from applying ED elsewhere and still permits applicants to apply unrestricted EA elsewhere. Do not be fooled by the title "early action," which has always been the title on Georgetown's website; always read the fine print.
  2. If you think your new test scores will be substantially better, consider RD. If I recall, Georgetown's acceptance rate for EA is no better than RD.
    1. You have to submit all sittings of SAT, ACT, and subject tests to Georgetown.

2 above is correct (along with #1 and 3). Georgetown just skims the tippy top off for EA and defers the rest to RD...there isn't really an admissions advantage for Georgetown EA. Since you have to submit all scores from all sittings anyway, you might as well wait for RD and try to get your scores up.

Well, keep in mind that you can’t get rejected EA, only deferred. So no matter which way you apply, Georgetown would have a chance to consider the new scores, assuming you don’t get in first that is.