Georgetown Early Action- Urgent!

<p>I am planning on applying early action to Georgetown in the fall; the only thing problem is that I need to retake the SAT to boost my scores, because I am simply not confident submitting a 2020 to GU. I think this type of low score might be detrimental to my application. The soonest SAT test date is on October 8. I'm assuming test scores will be released on Thursday, October 27. The Georgetown early action admission deadline is November 1. If I waited to submit my application until I found out my test scores, would they still accept these scores, even if College Board didn't get them in until after the deadline? Is there anyway College Board would be able to get it to them by the first of November? Please answer this as soon as possible, as part one of the application asks if you're applying EA or RD and I can't access part two of the application until I submit part one. Thanks so much in advance!!</p>

<p>Rest assured that every early action application will not be reviewed on November 1. And not all applications will be complete because things other people (counselor, teachers, etc.) have to do for you may not be in. You will have a little wiggle room because of those things. </p>

<p>Also, I think that scores are sent electronically these days, so it is probably a fast turnaround. You can also ask Georgetown admissions whether it is necessary to rush your October scores--the answer will most likely be no.</p>

<p>Thank you! This is reassuring.</p>

<p>Most colleges will tell you that the Oct. SAT date is OK for EA/ED and Nov. is iffy.</p>

<p>Are you happy with your 3 SAT subject scores or do you also want to retake those? Have you considered trying the ACT?</p>

<p>pretty sure i rushed my scores often. if you rush your scores, collegeboard guaranteed to send the scores within 3 days i think? rushing is a tad more expensive, but if you only have to do it once, it's not bad. also, gtown recommends that you don't rush scores, meaning that they're probably understanding if your scores aren't there immediately by the first of november.</p>

<p>My son applied EA last year. If I remember correctly, Georgetown says NOT to rush your scores as that can actually take longer for some crazy reason. I think they say that they will receive the October scores in time so not to worry about that. I would call admissions to double check, but, that is what I recall.</p>

<p>I actually have a similar problem. I want to re-take the SAT I, but I also need to take one more SAT Subject Test. I'm not sure which to make more of a priority by taking it in October. I'm not even sure if taking anything in November is acceptable if I'm applying EA. Any advice?</p>

<p>strawberrycurls, take the SAT I in october and take the subject tests at a later date</p>

<p>an FAQ on the website was:
I haven't taken the SAT Subject Tests yet. Can I still apply Early Action?</p>

<p>Absolutely. If you are a senior and have not yet taken three SAT Subject Tests you may still apply Early Action and your application will receive full consideration. We do recommend that you register for these exams in the event that your application is deferred to Regular Decision</p>

<p>^ I´ve read that quote on their website 5 times and continue to be utterly befuddled by it. Does that mean the October´s acceptable? The November? The November if I send my scores sight unseen? They make it seem like EA kids don´t need SAT 2s at all. Oh, so confused.</p>

<p>Can I take a subject test in Nov and have it considered?</p>

<p>You don't NEED 3 SAT IIs but it is strongly recommended. November should be fine (I know several people who only took SAT IIs in November and applied EA and got in). Your SAT score is probably more important if it's low right now.</p>

<p>Their website says that for EA they only consider info up through junior year. They don't consider any senior year testing. Also, Georgetown does not consider the writing section of the SAT. You said your score was 2020, but what is it without writing?</p>