Georgetown Financial Aid Overhaul?

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<p>I know this probably belongs in the financial aid section, but this area just gets so much more traffic. Please don't yell at me (especially all you really tense seniors who didn't apply anywhere early =] ).</p>

<p>So my buddy just told me Georgetown revamped their Financial Aid system (much like like Harvard, Yale, Penn, Dartmouth, Duke, et al did). I searched the threads here on CC and the internet to no avail. Since this isn't news easily found, I'm assuming my friend was misinformed and misspoke (not intentionally though, like Mrs Clinton concerning Bosnia); however, you guys basically know everything. Can you guys give me the final word: has Georgetown re-arranged their financial aid? If not, are they likely to in the future (not just speculatively, but somebody close to the institution who would know)?</p>

<p>Thanks a bunch</p>

<p>If georgetown did indeed revamp it FA policy, they would list it in the FA section of their website. Did you check there?</p>

<p>I did check their site; however, Georgetown's entire website is a bit convoluted. Many a time while browsing through prospective student pages have i been led to a dead link or right back where i was. I figured even if I was on their "financial aid" section, it didn't necessarily mean i was on the right one.</p>

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<p>there was something in the past year or two where they had an intensely focused alumni giving campaign, with classes (e.g. class of '85 etc.) sponsoring individual students. This was mainly targeted at those at the far lower end of the income bracket though if I'm remembering this right. Can't remember the name, but it should give you some ground for digging.</p>

<p>interesting--definitely something worth looking into. thanks</p>