Georgetown History Department

<p>Hey Everybody,</p>

<p>I was just accepted as a junior transfer to Georgetown, and I was wondering if anybody could provide some insight into the undergraduate history program. I'm a history major from Boston University, and one of the main motivations behind my application was GU's reputation for a strong history program (and a strong reputation in general). Any comments on courses, professors, the department in general, or anything else would be greatly appreciated, and would help immensely as I choose whether to attend Georgetown or UPenn next year.</p>


<p>The History Department is quite good generally, but it would help if you could say what area(s) of history interest you most. If you are primarily interested in US History, I would pick Penn over Georgetown as Georgetown's main strengths are in world history. There are some really fabulous professors in the history department and a pretty good variety of course offerings, which you can see here (for this year): History</a> | 2010-2011 Course Catalog | Georgetown University</p>

<p>Some of the department's major strengths are medieval and early modern Europe, the Middle East, and Russia/Eastern Europe.</p>

<p>I earned my Ph.D. from the GU history department, so I suppose I'm a bit biased. The department is very good. There are around 40 faculty members. If you are interested in modern history, non-western, early American, Latin American, German, or Atlantic history the department is quite strong in all of those areas. It is a rigorous program, but I think you will find all of the faculty are very friendly and accessible.</p>