Georgetown hopeful in need of advice!

<p>So I was converted into a huge G'town fan after learning about the international health major that the NHS school offers. It is exactly what I want in a college major (opens doors for lots of other careers ect.) and I am really looking forward to applying to that school in the coming year ( I am a junior right now). My dilemma however, is that I have a lot of business focused ECs (as will be shown below) and I have heard that Georgetown is very strict about accepting people who they think are using NHS's "easier acceptance rate" (a measly three percent more than SFS) to get into Georgetown and later transfer out. I have about 600 hours of volunteer service to my local hospital and I have been chosen as a shift leader as well as Auxiliary officer (there are 8 of us for 400 or so volunteers) but other than this one activity I dont have much health/science/international relations type of ECs and I don't want to be perceived as someone who is just using NHS as a passage way into Georgetown. </p>

<p>Another concern I had is whether or not to apply EA to Georgetown. I have been browsing over Georgetown EA threads and have seen a lot of people say that EA in Georgetown offers no substantial boost in acceptance probability but rather decreases ones chances. I am not a horrifically underqualified applicant but I am far from being a shoe in so I need all the help I can get so I really want to chose a correct time to apply. </p>

<p>My "stats"</p>

<p>Race: Indian
State: California<br>
Fin Aid: Need it (very average household income not rich but not poor)
High School Type: Remotely Competitive Public School</p>

<p>Schedule: Will take 6 out of the 8 offered APs in my school ( all the other APs are like Art and language). I was the only sophomore in my class who was in a math course higher than pre-calc honors ( I took Calc BC). My senior year schedule includes
AP lit
AP bio
AP econ
AP Spanish
Honors Advanced Drama (3 hour class that puts out large scale productions)
Multimedia design
Hooks: NONE..second generation college attendee, Asian..all that fun stuff</p>

UW GPA: 3.8/4.0
M: 770

Math II : 730
Chem: 740
USH: 770</p>

Calc 5
Stats: pending
Apush: pending</p>

President of FBLA local chapter ( VERY active member)
Shift leader of Volunteer shift in local hospital ( only 6 of us are chosen out of over 200 members) I have some 480+ hours here and it will probably be close to if not over 600 by the time I apply
Serve as Financial Adviser to Hospitals Junior Auxiliary
Captain of school soccer team
Played school and club soccer for all my high school years
Treasurer of Mock Trial club
Member of Schools Improv Team
Acted (through schools drama company) in productions (audiences of 200-300 people)</p>

9th nationally FBLA in Virtual business challenge (345 competitors)
7th nationally FBLA in virtual business challenge (400 competitors)
1st in state FBLA VBC
1st in state FBLA VBC
4th in state Business Ethics
3rd in section Entrepreneurship (qualified for states)
6th in section Job Interview
1st in region wide Tech Challenge ( 250 competitors)
Couple of district wide soccer awards (not sure if they are worth mentioning)</p>

<p>So do you guys have any recommendations regarding when I should apply (EA/Reg), what ECs I could do to improve my chances at NHS. To top it all off, how do you guys think Id fare in Early and Regular Admissions? Do I have a shot at Georgetown?</p>

<p>sorry for the long post and thanks in advance</p>

<p>Hey you sound just like me! I am also contemplating applying EA to NHS for International Health. You have good stats which are a match academically for Georgetown. In your essay, I would convey exactly what you talked about in your thread. Talk about why NHS is specifically right for you and why you want to attend there.</p>

<p>Solid applicant, probably around average for EA candidates...</p>

<p>I think you could definately get in, your stats are AMAZING! Good luck!</p>