georgetown id number help

<p>hi im doing regular decision...and i just sent the money in 2 days ago, but i want to give my recommendations to my teacher within 2-3 days....but i dont have the id number that i can write on the top right corner....can someone help me and tell me what to do</p>

<p>You will get an e-mail within a few weeks confirming receipt of part 1, with your ID number.</p>

<p>I called them, and they said not to worry about it (I'm applying regular decision, but wanted to give the things to my teachers)</p>

<p>so i can send in my application without writing the id number?</p>

<p>That's what I heard. I sure hope so, because I'm applying ED elsewhere and I don't want to send in money or application to georgetown until I find out my decision. I think SSN and name will be fine.</p>

<p>I waited for the number, personally. They do it for organization, so it can't hurt to help them out. But you aren't in any rush at all if you're doing RD. They won't even read your application until they're done with Early Action.</p>

<p>i am actually in a rush, because i need to give the recommendations to my teachers, and they send it in for me....and so my i dont want to give the recs so you think it would make a different to send in recommendations and stuff without id?</p>

<p>im in the same boat</p>