Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center High School Summer Research Volunteer Program

Does anyone know anything about this program??

Well I applied, but it says that they’ll only contact accepted applicants so I guess they leave everyone else hanging. :frowning:

Yah me too! Im still waiting for a response but my friend already got an email saying she got in so I have no idea where that puts us :frowning:

@literatechild do you have an idea of when they will send out emails, i want to know if i got in

@kyrieIrving2 Have you tried to go into the website recently? I’ve tried a few times but it says “acces denied.” Also, does anyone know how competitive this program is?

@pramr3 Yes, the site is now inaccessible, my guess is that they are starting to go through all of the applications. I’ve emailed them asking when those who have been accepted will notified but they haven’t responded.

@kyrieIrving2 ok thanks, I’ll let you know if I hear anything new

Actually, when I emailed the director of the program, she said that decisions were made on a rolling basis. I think they pick people that they really want in March and then they review all of the applications in April to pick the rest of the people.

By the way, has anybody who did this program before know exactly what you do in the program? Is this essentially an internship?

Has anyon heard back yet?

I haven’t heard back yet. None of my friends who applied have heard back yet either, and one of them is literally one of the smartest people I know. I emailed the program people recently and they haven’t responded, so idk. I feel like they already contacted the accepted people. Has anyone else had any contact with the professors or the program managers?

Update: Apparently, we’re supposed to hear back by early June.

Has anybody done this program before? Curious to know if it’s worth waiting for…And does anybody have any summer internship/program suggestions that are still accepting applicants? I’m a little worried that I’m going to be rejected by everything and not have anything to do this summer.

If you live in the DMV area, look up the company Novavax. I applied for one of their high school internships a while ago. I am not sure if they are still accepting applications, but it might be worthwhile to check. I think that it’s located in Rockville, MD.

How do you know its early june? I applied earlier this year, and have no idea

I can’t find the website either. Anyone help???

I know that it’s early June because I emailed the program people. By this point, it is very unlikely that we were selected, but the final decisions aren’t until early June.

@realityhitshard what is the email of the program people?

has anyone heard anything?

Hey, did you guys ever get accepted?

Hey, did you guys ever get accepted