georgetown or brown chances???

<p>im looking to be a prospective international relations major and wanted to know what you thought about my chances for getting into georgetown or brown!! </p>

<p>gpa 95.5800 (unweighted)
99.1683 (weighted)</p>

<p>SAT I - 2120 (690 math 730 reading 700 writing) but i plan to take it a second time and work on math</p>

<p>SAT II Biology M - 770
SAT II US History - 690</p>

<p>APs taken - Biology (5), English Language (5), U.S. History (5), World History (4)
APs for Senior Year - Psychology, English Literature, U.S. Government, Calculus
*all other courses are honors courses</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars
Class of 2011 President 2005 - present
Student Council 2nd VP, 1st VP
Student Congress Representative
Key Club Treasurer
Model U.N. - participant in various conferences, was Head Delagate, will serve as Director for intradistrict conference
Big Brother/Big Sister tutor for 3 different students
Peer Leader
Dance Classes 1996 - present
Field Hockey Varsity/JV Captain 2005 - present
Long Island Express Indoor Field Hockey
Cheerleading Varsity/JV Captain 2005 - 2010
Lacrosse JV Captain 2007 - 2008
Italian Club Secretary 2006 - present
Math Research Club President 2007 - 2008
Foreign Language Honor Society
Talanted and Gifted Program
National Junior Honor Society</p>

<p>work -
Progressive Gymnastics Inc. 2008 -present
Hollister Co. summer 2010
Ginos Trattoria/Pizzeria summer 2009
Coordinator senior class trip 2011</p>

<p>awards -
Charlotte Shapiro/Lillian McCormick Young Leadership Award – Long Island Fund for Women and Girls, 2010
Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award – University of Rochester, 2010
Outstanding Delegate at SIDMUN Conference, 2010
M.V.P. Team Upperclassman – Long Island Field Hockey Association, 2010
United States Achievement Academy admission, 2009
Student Feeding Student Food Drive Challenge 2nd Place, 2009
All County Field Hockey Midfield, 2009
Silver Medal Academic Excellence Award, 2009
Induction to Foreign Language Honor Society, 2009
JV Lacrosse Coach’s Award, 2009
Bronze Medal Academic Excellence Award, 2008
Nassau County Scholar Athlete Award, 2008
Induction to TAG, 2008
Induction to Junior Honor Society, 2008
American Mathematics Competitions Third Place, 2008
Best Delegate at SIDMUN Conference, 2008
Long Island Math Fair Gold Medalist, 2007
High Honor Roll, 2005 - present</p>

Washington School of World Studies, People to People program, 2008
Traveled to various countries through Europe as a Student Ambassador to encourage international cooperation and to learn about other languages and cultures; participated in a home-stay in Germany. </p>

<p>Thank youu!</p>

<p>Question 1: Do you sleep?
Question 2: Whats the point?</p>

<p>I'm no expert but your profile seems like a laundry list of activities. Why did you do all of that? Why do want to major in International Relations? Where's the passion? What to do you want to do with it all? If you pull all those activities and awards into a singular cohesive theme, then you're probably in at both of those schools. Especially with a good SAT retake.</p>

<p>yes i sleep, although its pretty hard to do so in the fall lol. and in all honesty i never even realized how rediculously involved i was until i started writing my resume...i do it all because i enjoy each differen thing that i do and i was an overachiever from the get go and wanted to do everything. i did each thing for different reasons, i love sports, i really enjoy helping people (key club, bigbrotherbigsister) i was selected for a few different things like peer leaders and italian club, i alway swanted to be involved in school politics, and my intrest in ir came from model un. any suggestions on how to make my wide array of intrests into one theme? i sort of just did what i enjoyed through school lol</p>

<p>Your EC's and awards are very diverse/impressive. I'd say you are a good match for Georgetown but would get waitlisted at Brown, with that (current) SAT score. Either way, great essays and recs will be important. You are an impressive applicant!</p>

<p>thank you!!</p>

<p>GTown is notoriously impossible to predict and you're about 200 SAT points away from being a competitive candidate for Brown. I personally know of several 4.0/2400 applicants who were not even wait-listed at Brown this past year.</p>

<p>I was probably being somewhat "kind" by saying waitlisted at Brown and not mentioning the "R" word, but I still think bemyescape has a distinctive list of awards to go along with that rather pedestrian SAT score on Ivy league standards. My daughter was wait-listed at Brown and didn't have anywhere near escape's EC/award resume, with only a slightly higher SAT score. Soze is right though, many "near perfect" candidates get flat-out rejected each year at Brown and Georgtown is hard to predict. Being a good match doesn't always mean an acceptance, particularly at a school with a reputation for being unpredictable. And for Brown not being a HYP, it sure seems to have HYP admissions standards....</p>


And for Brown not being a HYP, it sure seems to have HYP admissions standards....


<p>... if not higher. I know at least one Brown reject who will be at Yale next year.</p>