Georgetown or Notre Dame?

<p>Both great schools - what are the pros/cons of each, assuming liberal arts (philosophy, English, history) is area of study? Which offers a better education? community?</p>

<p>Im having the same problem!! My dad really wants me to go to ND (as do my brothers) but Ive always wanted to go to GU. I cant decide! I really like the Catholic identity at ND but the location at GU is so great!</p>

<p>def Georgetown!!!!! And I have no affiliation with either school. Georgetown has a very solid name across the country.</p>

<p>If you've always wanted to go to Georgetown...then go to Georgetown! Do what makes you happy. :)</p>


<p>Georgetown. End of story.</p>

<p>Georgetown if location is the most important thing to you. Otherwise, Notre Dame.</p>

<p>classic that I made ; ). Gtownnnn</p>

<p>Ha, my best friend just got into Notre Dame and GTown is my first choice.
I'd vote Gtown, obvs.</p>

<p>one of my friends chose nd over georgetown last year. I am going to georgetown this year. We jsut wanted different things out of our school. have you been to both? their locations are very different. where do you want to live for the years after college (nd's alumni network is porbably more midwest based, georgetown's is prob more east coast). both are great schools, but with slightly different feels. nd has a much stronger cathloic presence. is that important to you? notre has a lot of pride in their football team (which isn't doing so well this year), georgetown loves their basektball team. These things might sound random, but if you really don't care between them they are good questions to ask. are you in at both?</p>

<p>My Dad wanted me to go to his choice and I did, my biggest regret ever! Go where YOU will be happy, if it is Georgetown, than that's where you should go...just have a list of why it is a better fit for you so when folks say but ND has "this" you can have a comeback, it will also make you see them in a pro/con way, who knows you might change your mind.<br>
In the end I am sure they will be proud of you at either school.</p>

<p>I find it interesting so many GU applicants are also applying to ND, they are totally different... S spent a summer program in that area with (JH, Amer. and Gtown), he came back and said Gtown was not for him, but he is applying to ND.</p>

<p>My cousins went there and still live in the DC area, 1 actually got married on campus. If you go to Gtown remember it is located in a city atmosphere (the factor that turned off my s) so it has a different feel than the campus of ND</p>

<p>Bulletandpima, I too see a big crossover between ND and GU applicants. I'm not personally one of them, but I know of quite a few. I visited both and thought that they felt nothing alike. Most people probably only apply to them both because they are looking for a good Catholic school and these two are the obvious choices. </p>

<p>I mean, if Georgetown is your ideal school, then ND probably won't suit you at all. I personally am not thrilled with the idea of urban schools, and Georgetown, while not as urban as say GWU, was certainly up there. On the other hand, I loved ND and felt much more comfortable at similarly rural schools.</p>

<p>But, yes, the cross-applicants to the two schools are kind of strange.</p>

<p>I would suggest you look at my post in the thread entitled "rankings." ND's alum network is just about the strongest in the nation and is most definitely not localized to the midwest--we have large numbers of alumni around the country. I agree with bulletandpima: Notre Dame and Georgetown are very different schools with very different atmospheres and strengths. If you would like a more personalized and detailed response, pm me.</p>

<p>In regards to education, you really can't go wrong with either one. From what I've heard, the campus community at Notre Dame, however, seems stronger than that of Georgetown and gives you more of a family feeling. So it really comes down to the question of whether you are more interested in a small, campus-based college experience versus a real-world experience in an exciting city. Both environments have their advantages and disadvantages and really depend on your perspective.</p>

<p>I have a daughter who is a junior at Notre Dame. It is the perfect fit for her. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine. She is extremely devout and service-oriented. The opportunities for her both inside and outside the classroom have been nothing short of phenomenal. I also have a son who is a freshman at Georgetown. He loves it there! His interests lie in international economics and law. Both of these schools are fabulous. It is interesting to note that Georgetown was my daughter's second choice, and Notre Dame was my son's! You can't go wrong with either one, because you will receive a quality educational experience at either one. Pick the best fit for you.</p>

<p>Go to Notre Dame... it's endowment is nearly 7 times that of georgetown, it has a much fuller and beautiful campus, and is more well-rounded in all the fields (as compared the concentration of IR at georgetown)</p>