Georgetown or Pomona..please help

<p>Hey, I'm new to the forum, and like all of you, have gone through the entire agonizing SAT, college app, waiting process. Choosing which college to attend has been really difficult, and I thought I'd already decided, but now find myself having second thoughts again. I can't visit any of these colleges so I would immensely appreciate any advice/suggestions... :)</p>

<p>Georgetown -- I got into the College but am thinking of transferring to the SFS. The thing is, people have been talking about int'l relations a whole lot, but I'm not exactly sure what it IS and if I want to major in it. I'm as undecided as you could possibly be: I like history/English/writing and want nothing to do with sciences/math, but that's about all I know. Some concerns: my mom said Georgetown could be limiting my career options, especially with SFS; I'm not sure if a big university would be best for me (I'm not the super-outgoing type) in terms of competition (not against other students) but like for professors' attention and resources.</p>

<p>Pomona -- can see myself being happy here; rated "happiest students" by Princeton Review which is very appealing, small LAC setting with other colleges around seems great, but I don't really want to be in California (I want to have more of the big city/big university experience in somewhere I've never been -- but is that good enough of a reason?). Also I don't want to be near family (they're by LA) -- I know I won't have to see them, but I don't even want to be geographically close to them. Pomona also may be broader and less limiting than Georgetown (?). Pomona I know I'll probably be happy at, and Georgetown I think will be scary at first. In short, I think Pomona's what I need and best for my personality, but Georgetown is what I want. I'm torn.</p>

<p>U Penn -- a generally great school but the 9000 undergrad and the 20,000 total number seems so huge. That's one of the reasons it's not on my list anymore (that and financial aid -- btw P and G are both giving good aid so it's not a major issue). But the thing is, if U Penn is too big for me, would Georgetown also be? (6000 undergrad, 12,000 total)</p>

<p>I have a few more hours to make my final decision, and there would be no going back. I'll spend 4 years there, and I don't like the idea of transferring because I'll probably be settled then and not want to leave. So I want to get it right the first time. It's between Georgetown and Pomona..please please post any suggestions or thoughts...I really appreciate it and thank you all beforehand.</p>

<p>totally in the same boat... i think i'm going gtown though, b/c gtown seems to have more well connected faculty in the area of poli sci/int. relations and washington dc offers soooo many opportunities. Although I really like Pomona, too.</p>

<p>Glad to know we're in the same boat. How are you going to finally make the decision?</p>

<p>Still having doubts, but I'm leaning toward Georgetown. I want a completely new experience, away from things familiar. I know Pomona will be nice and happy and comfortable, and that's why I also think choosing Georgetown would be shooting myself in the foot. I'll have to actively seek out professors' help, take the initiative to approach and talk to people, and just compete with more people generally. I'm not sure if the bigger experience is right for me. Is it so important? Is it good to pick a bigger school because of the opportunities and etc. if it will probably be a hard transition? Some thoughts:</p>

Pros: SFS, location for internships (are they widely available for undergrads?), resources, big city life.
Cons: no grade inflation, no hand holding, TAs and other general big university cons.</p>

Pros: 5 college system, small LAC, "happiest students", weather
Cons: don't really want to be in California, Claremont small town, need a car to get around.</p>

<p>If you look at it like that, Pomona's "cons" revolve around its surroundings while Georgetown's are more aspects about the school itself.</p>

<p>I WANT Georgetown, but I think I NEED Pomona. Still have a while longer to decide..comments appreciated, as always :)</p>

<p>Go for the school you want. If you're only going to Pomona because you think it'd be easier then you should just take the challenge and know that you actually took a risk and went to a school you wanted to be at.</p>

<p>I visited Georgetown & Pomona...totally different atmospheres. Georgetown is a lot more preppy and snobbery, i was told by current students, is a problem, while Pomona is generally a happy place. Some of the students at Gtown told me there is some grade inflation. There are alot of TAs, too. My heart is telling me Pomona and my mind (along with everyone else!) is telling me Gtown. I sent in the deposit to Gtown, but we'll see.</p>

<p>Our situations are so similar, it's uncanny! In the end it was Georgetown for me too :) I figure I need to take this risk and not go with what seems safer / more comfortable. And hey, if it turns out to suck (which is I'm sure it won't!) there's always transferring. I've been thinking if it's the right choice, but now I see there is no "right". And even if it's "wrong", we'll MAKE it right. Thanks for the replies :) and look forward to meeting you this fall!</p>

<p>One other difference between Geotown and Pomona is Geotown is Catholic and Pomona is secular. Having lived in DC for five years, the heat plus humidity can be torrential and can start as early as March/April.</p>

<p>Good luck with your choices!</p>