Georgetown or Wash U in STL!?

<p>I spent my freshman year at Rollins college in FL and needless to say didn't quite enjoy myself there. I got into Georgetown and Wash U in STL as a transfer student, and now I really need to make the right decision (no more transferring for me). I'm a biochemistry major, currently on the premed track, native to the state of New Jersey. There are a million pros and cons for both schools, but my time to linger is dwindling down to a few days now. Please help me!
I realize Wash U is much more well known for premed then Georgretown, but many other factors play into the decision. If its helpful at all, a profile of myself would do quite well in supplementing your advice.</p>

<p>I havn't quite established whether research or clinical medicine is my priority. I come from a diverse area of New Jersey, so some cultural variance would be good. I've heard Georgetown can be a hub for pretentious white kids (relax I'm "white" myself), but havn't heard anything about the general population of Wash U. As far as extracarricular interests go, I'm interested in music, AASA, film, prehealth prep, and campus event planners (they carry their share of unique names at each campus). As a science major its also difficult to study abroad, so if anyone knows about either universities study aboad programs for science majors, that'd be great. Also, I'm from the northeast, and exiting from a school in the south (yes believe it or not, Florida bears it share of confederate flags), I'm not particularly interested in "Giten R Done". I have heard the midwest culture is quaint and pleasant in its own respects. I don't quite know how detached an area like St. Louis is from the rest of the country. You know, whether or not Wash U kids are still trading pogs and discussing the Iran-contra ordeal. I've seen gtowns campus but not Wash's so I don't know much about it. </p>

<p>Any advice would be great! Thanks! Time is running out!</p>

<p>I believe they have cable TV and all the major national chain stores in St L so I don't think it is too far behind the hip state of New Jersey.</p>

<p>if it had been any other major/area of interest, i would have said georgetown, but, washu really has a very strong/rigorous med program so based solely on ur major/interest i would suggest washu.</p>

<p>washu has a wonderful campus (however it is rather small). its very nice so that shouldnt be a problem</p>

<p>St Louis is a large city, one of the largest in the US so i can tell u now that they arent still trading pogs/slammers and flippin yo-yos, but yes when ur in st louis u kinda feel apart from the rest of the nation since its kinda in the middle of nowhere with nothing around it. but st louis is a great city, theres some stuff to do (i wouldnt say washington dc has more). both washu and georgetown have similar levels of student involvement in student organizations. the music at washu is mediocre at best (their orchestra isnt that great but its not bad and their theater puts on a lot of obscure shows). </p>

<p>i think in ur case, washu would be the better choice. social-life/extra-curriculars at washu and georgetown are similar. but for ur particular medical interest, washu would be the route to go</p>