Georgetown: Pros and Cons??

Right now my top choices for college are Northwestern, Georgetown, University of Michigan, and UNC Chapel Hill. Yes I have already researched all of these schools and know a lot about them individually but wanted to hear the perspective of other students who have either visited, attend, or are just very familiar with any of the schools and their pros and cons specifically. Out of the four, I have only visited (and will probably only be able to visit) Northwestern and Georgetown. I’m not 100% sure what I’d like to major in, but I’m not majoring in anything math/science, education, technology, or health related. I’m looking at Georgetown SFS. What are the pros and cons of Georgetown as current students and people who have visited see them?

You’ve visited or plan to so you know the good things - amazing program, professors, location, reputation, internships, etc.

Things you don’t hear on the tour:

  1. Clubs are incredibly exclusive. As the editor in chief of my high school paper I thought for sure I'd join the Hoya - I've been rejected four times. Before I got to school I knew I wanted to be a tour guide - rejected four times, and now as a junior they're already not going to accept me. Model UN? LOL.
  2. Everyone is rich. While I consider Chinese food once every couple of weeks a luxury, there are a ton of people who eat out multiple times a week. On Spring Break my friends are in Egypt or Japan while I'm at home. People wonder why I don't go to Dip Ball every single year. It's because, what, like $80 for a ticket isn't cheap.
  3. This whole thing with competition. Everyone just can't wait to tell you about their fancy internship that they can afford to take on because, well, they're rich.

Despite all of that, I still love it here, so that says a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to offer a second opinion (and show that people’s experiences truly can vary a lot):

  1. I think the only thing I was ever turned down for was applying to be an OA for New Student Orientation. And I showed up late to the interview so it was my fault anyway haha. The clubs I was interested in, anyway, were not exclusive.
  2. I was not rich as student. I had far more friends who were some level of middle class than I did stereotypical jet-setter types. The latter exist, but there are many of the former as well. Some people flaunted their wealth, but the people who I was friends with would never do that, so it worked out just fine.
  3. People are generally pre-professionally oriented, so there's definitely some competitiveness and the college version of DC power broker aspiration. At the same time, many people are just very passionate about the subject matter - they're not just talking about their internship to show off and play up how awesome they are, but because they're legitimately excited about getting into the field and working on it. And unpaid internships are on their way out as people have recognized how unfair and exploitative they are. Many internships pay as well as most on-campus jobs at this point.