Georgetown sending out acceptances?

<p>One guy at my school claims to have been accepted into Georgetown today/yesterday. Has anyone else gotten a confirmation e-mail or letter?</p>


<p>I just called the admissions ofc and they said that decision letter would be sent out on April 1st.</p>

<p>omg, don't scare me like that.</p>

<p>I wasn't trying to scare anyone, I was just as freaked out as you. He is an athlete; perhaps it was a likely letter. Or maybe he was lying.</p>

<p>It could have been a long time ago when he was notified if he's an athlete. It probably was a likely letter or early acceptance for athletes</p>

<p>Most likely an athlete. At my D's high school a track athlete got notified about 2 weeks ago of her admission.</p>

<p>does anyone know if georgetown sends emails to international students to notify them of their decision??</p>

<p>Historically, NHS sends decisions 2-3 weeks earlier than the published April 1 date. They were able to do this because it's the smallest school with the smallest applicant pool. Since applications to NHS have doubled recently, I'm not sure they can still do that, but it's possible. Georgetown does not send 'likely' letters. The other possibility is that he's an athlete.</p>

<p>I just called Gtown half an hour ago and they said they would mail out all decisions this Friday.</p>

<p>so depending on location, some people will receive decisions earlier than others</p>

<p>AHH!!!! it's coming down to the wire~</p>

<p>crap I probably won't get it until Monday then....</p>


<p>has anyone got any idea of how will they mail the decisions? through DHL, Fedex, snail mail....??? i hope to get it very soon</p>

<p>for comparison purposes, most people on this forum who said they knew someone in the admissions office said EA letters were mailed out on a Thursday. Most people on this forum got the letter on the following Monday. I and some others got it the day after (Tuesday...grrr...), and a few that Wednesday, and pretty big drop offs after that.</p>

<p>So for RD, if they mail them out on a Friday, most of you will probably be looking at...Tuesday, April 1st, right on schedule. With a few more trickling in the next few days. Of course, EA'ers had that Sunday before the Monday, so its possible a few of you will get it Monday the 31st.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that it can take a fair amount of time from when the University drops off the letters at the local post-office, and the time it takes the USPS to actually get them in the air. I think my letter was postmarked the Friday or Saturday. With RD you have a much larger volume of letters to send (including all the EA deferrals), along with the whole postal system likely being clogged from all the other universities sending out letters. So I'd shoot for a target date of April 2nd.</p>

<p>Good luck everybody! Hoya Saxa!</p>

<p>What target date should an international shoot for?</p>

<p>hmmn, i'm hoping for Monday, since I'm half an hour away from Gtown. that would be awesome. hurry up, mail system!</p>

<p>the prez, don't count on it. at least for EA, DC-area people didn't seem to get their letters any sooner. In fact, IIRC, I think the first people that reported replied were mainly in New Jersey, let me check.</p>

<p>EDIT: first reported accepteances were in Maine, N. Jersey, Pennsylvania, and N. York. Not everyone in those states got letters early though, and states in between, like Mass. didn't report any.</p>

<p>i have the same qt as ssat....wat abt internationals...would they mail the decisions any sooner??</p>