Georgetown SFS Chances

<p>White female, large public school in the suburbs of Chicago (~1000 in my graduating class)
I am applying Early Action.</p>

Rank: 6th
GPA: 3.95/4.00
Full AP/Honors curriculum
ACT Composite: 33 taken twice with same score
SAT: 730 CR, 770 Math, 720 Writing, 2220 Composite
SAT II's: 690 Literature, 780 Math II, 780 U.S. History
Taken 6 AP tests, all 5's: Euro, US History, US Gov, Comparative Gov, Music Theory, English Lang & Comp</p>

Model UN: 4 yrs (leadership for 2 yrs)
Marching Band: 4 yrs (leadership for 2 yrs)
Synchronized (team) figure skating: 9 yrs (club sport outside of school)
Classically-trained pianist: 11.5 yrs
Tap Dance: 12 yrs</p>

AP Scholar with Distinction
16th Nationally on National Italian Language Examination
School Honor Roll every term
Multiple Model UN awards (school team is highly ranked in the nation)
Multiple piano awards
Many wins with skating team (3 consecutive Midwest titles)</p>

<p>Work/Volunteer Experience
Regularly volunteer 2 hrs/week at a local charity that gives low-cost dental & health care to low-income families around my school's area
Summer internship with Federal Congressional Reelection Campaign
Summer internship with nonpartisan voter advocacy group in Chicago working to register young people of color to vote
Member of National Honor Society with over 200 volunteer hours logged</p>

<p>I feel my essays were quite good content-wise and well-written. My interview was mediocre to good. I think it won't break my application but it won't be the one thing that pushes me to the 'admit' side.</p>

<p>Thanks much!</p>