georgetown sfs vs. berkeley

<p>i need help! there is little time left to decide and i'm choosing between georgetown sfs or berkeley as a poli-sci major. (i might try to apply to the haas school of business at berkeley if i decide to go there.) obviously both schools have great academics, but which would be a better college experience. i am from california and am looking to go to the east coast so georgetown would definitely be good, but i have heard recently that berkeley has a better reputation internationally (plus being from cali the tuition is much cheaper!) i would definitely appreciate any input!</p>

<p>Augh! I'm in the same position as you are (except I'm not in SFS).</p>

<p>Any help? :o</p>

<p>i'm so's so hard to choose between the two! are you leaning towards one of them?</p>

<p>Right now I think I'm pretty much split 50/50... earlier on, I was totally leaning towards Georgetown, but Cal is becoming so appealing. I just don't know what to do!</p>

<p>What about you, are you leaning towards one or the other?</p>

<p>i was leaning towards georgetown also, but then i went to cal open house and now i'm completely evenly split. i really want to go to the east coast so i think i might go to g-town because of that. but then i really liked cal when i recently visited it.</p>

<p>Yeah, same here. And the cost is very favorable at Cal, too. ;)</p>

<p>In terms of education quality, the only difference might be class size, and if you're in an Honors college or something like that, that difference is eliminated as well.</p>

<p>I will miss not taking Problem of God....</p>

<p>well, if it's IR you're committed to, Berkeley kind of sucks. They have a splendid poly-sci, but the whole reason I didn't even apply there was because I don't want to be a poly sci major, I want to be an IPol major.</p>

<p>umm go for gtown... will be a great new experience. but only if you're willing to pay the extra $$$!</p>

<p>.....if u know u want to do politics/IR....this shouldnt be a question.</p>

<p>georgetown has the strongest IR/polisci department in the nation, SFS is very selective where many people turn down ivies and other top-notch colleges to attend. SFS has produced a higher percentage of truman scholars than any other program (im pretty sure its truman). berkeley's IR is terrible....</p>

<p>internship opportunities are overwhelming, located rite in DC. id like to see u get internships at berkeley...or anything in comparison to what you CAN get in DC. </p>

<p>if u arent sure about polisci...then SFS wouldnt be for u =P its pretty intense</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm not in SFS and will not major in IR. I might major in political science, but I don't want to go into politics. So would choosing Georgetown still be the wrong thing to do?</p>

<p>no, georgetown is still amazing.</p>

<p>Don't want to butt in, but there is not a single "terrible" program at Cal. Yes, there are programs that are far behind other school's programs, but Cal takes huge pride in being well rounded and they would not stand for anything to be "terrible." Sorry, just had to clarify that. Now that I have that over with, I'll give you my two cents. They are both great schools, so the issue comes down to money and location. If I were you(and I'm assuming that money isn't a deciding factor) and I was from Cali, then I would probably go to G-town just to live on the east coast. I'm a firm believer in leaving your comfort zone for college.</p>

<p>Berkeley has a better political science program, however Georgetown is right in DC- for politics, you can't get a better location than that. However, Berkeley's locations isn't too bad either, as it isn't too far away from Sacramento. They are both wonderful schools in awesome locations. If you're solely interested in better academics or price, go to Berkeley. If location is more important, go to Georgetown.</p>

<p>I remember visiting Sacramento not too long ago. Ugh. </p>

<p>Compared to DC it's a small little hamlet, nothing too great.</p>

<p>It's boring, actually. Our state assembly sessions remind me of a quieter version of Wall Street.</p>

<p>All I can say is if you want to do anything International (politics, relations, econ, etc) Georgetown is the best for it. SFS is competitive as is...and the resources here are unbelievable. I don't know how else to explain the list of impressive alums that have graduated from the SFS, including Princes from Spain and Jordan. There's also great internship opportunities on the Hill if you want. I have many friends that have done it and enjoyed their experience. Our lecture fund is quite impressive, our most well attended speakers are those also sponsored by the SFS. Actually, Vaclav Havel and Madeline Albright are lecturing this upcoming Monday. So, if you want government, politics, IR, Gtown is the spot.</p>