Georgetown SFS vs. Brown vs. Northwestern

I have been admitted to Georgetown School of Foreign Service, Brown, and Northwestern for transfer admission. I know I want to study International Relations and Economics, but I am still not entirely sure what I want to do 10000000% or what kind of career I want to go into. I am also very interested in entrepreneurship, but I don’t want to major in business. In terms of location, I probably like Georgetown the best as it is in a city and I am from a major city, however, I am not really picky in terms of location and could me being happy at any of three options. I need help making a decision and don’t have that much time left!!! Opinions on what you think is a better fit for my academic interests + career goals would be super helpful! Thank you so much!!!

Hey! I have some friends at Brown and Georgetown SFS, and I think that considering your major and your passions I would definitely go to Georgetown because of SFS’s amazing alumni, resource, and their reputation! My friends in SFS love it, and it sounds amazing! Georgetown is located in DC which has so many immersive opportunities and being an IR/Econ major, DC seems like the perfect fit for you! In addition, Georgetown has so many opportunities to explore careers, so based off of your interests and aspirations I would definitely go for Georgetown.

Plus if you know you’ll probably like Georgetown the best, then I am sure once you go, you will not only like it but fall in love with the school and culture there!

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:
Congrats on the acceptances btw!

There are valid reasons to pick the “weaker” programs, fit/cost/location. But you are not expressing any preferences for NU or Brown. My only thought is that you are considering overall rankings. However, inIR GTown is two steps above NU and Brown.

If you are certain you want to pursue a career in foreign service (i.e. work as a diplomat, etc.), Georgetown SFS makes sense. Otherwise, Brown and Northwestern have stronger breadth of academic offerings. Is cost a factor?

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I’d pick between Brown and Northwesten. While Georgetown SFS is great for foreign relation/political career, the program and DC are probably the furthest from cultivating entrepreneurship. Its econ is also the weakest.

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I just want to point out that for all practical purposes, Northwestern U is “in the city.” Actually, there are neighborhoods in the city of Chicago that are located much further away from the downtown area that the Evanston campus and the public transportation is good and cheap, not to mention the University bus connecting the Evanston and the Chicago campuses

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Which one did you end up choosing?

Brown and Northwestern are generally excellent but generally Georgetown is as well. Even if you were to argue that Brown and NU have a slight edge generally, Gtown has a very strong program in International Economics & International Business with opportunities to work at the IMF, Fed and World Bank. Brown doesn’t have much to offer other than being Ivy which doesn’t mean much unless you’re at HYP or Wharton (I’m at Yale). NU is similar to a low Ivy: good generally but has no edge over any other school. Only IR programs that are comparable to SFS are HY and WWS at Princeton. Go to SFS you’ll have amazing internship and academic experiences. Places extremely well into grad school too

If OP elects to attend Brown or Northwestern and is still interested in IR / Diplomacy,consider the masters degree program at Tuft’s Fletcher School.

FWIW Northwestern & Brown are a notch above Georgetown, but Georgetown SFS is arguably the best in its specialty although Princeton & Claremont McKenna offer great programs as well. In my view, the best program for OP’s stated interest is probably among the majors offered at Claremont McKenna College (but,CMC has a small enrollment & is not located in a city).